Saturday, 1 February 2014

Sample Poem by DMC

Holding strong in the oncoming storm, 
I think of you and your beautiful form, 
Your eyes that sparkle and make me smile, 
Your lips that say I'll be waiting a while, 
I sit, I wait and I beg for you,
I dream, I hope and I wish it were true,

The idea of your presence fills me with hope, 
It may be the only reason I cope, 
I wait for your love that can make me whole,
Whilst I fall deeper, down into this hole,                                       
I hit the bottom, as hard as a rock,
I can now speak free, without fear of shock,

Doge, why don't you love me?
Doge, why can't you see?
I did try to mine you, I swear it that it's true,
My 4kh/s were not enough to bring me closer to you,  
But I gave you my life, I gave you my heart,
I ask you one time, please... can we restart?

By DogeMasterChamp

1 comment :

  1. Poetic doge, if doge was a girl i'm sure she will rain a little on you. nice to see that you can find inspiration, in my mind i only get some roses are red over and over again. Nice poem i hope that it help to inspire others to make one for the contest or conquer the love one.

    Good luck DogeMasterChamp