Sunday, 9 February 2014

Poems are Red, Roses are Blue

Julia. May-July.

Kiss me, dear, here and near,
throw away your silent fear.
listen to this shaped sound -
it’s a song of sleeping town - 
it’s a music of the wind 
in the everlasting spring.

Do not mind of the thunder hummer -
it’s a sign of coming summer,
let the lightening shine your eyes
for my feelings to arise,
Let the wind blow up your hair
for the mighty smells of air.

Do not leave me - I’m alone,
it’s so easy - turn me on,
do not let me fall in dreams - 
we should cross their angry streams.
Then we’ll fly through dark and light
to control the dawn and night...

I'd met this nice girl not so long ago,
Not sure if I'd love her but what did I know?
My heart had betrayed me and gave me to her,
I'd never known love and it gave me a scare.
She was so beautiful, funny and smart,
I never expected she would break my heart.

It wasn't her fault, she wasn't to blame,
She never meant to threaten our flame,
You see we were young and her father had plans,
To shift their whole family to quite distant lands.
She told me the news, I had naught to say,
She would be three thousand miles away.

Too fast it came, the day she would go,
I hoped for our future, but I didn't know,
Would she still love me when I wasn't there?
Would I forget the smell of her hair?
We said our goodbyes and my heart gave way,
I sat and I cried for more than a day.

Sitting and waiting for her to come home, 
I count off the days that I have spent alone,
I'm sick and I'm tired and feeling quite numb, 
Why fall in love? Is it clever or dumb?
I gave her my heart and she took it away, 
She promised that she would return it one day.

I had a 97% on dogecoin dice
it died!
it died!
doog said it was just maths
he lied!
he lied!
Why oh why is my 97% dead?
Couldn't that Chrysler hit me instead?

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