Sunday, 9 February 2014

Must I Do

Last Bus Out

It’s cold around our feet.
Florescent, irascible light
On my irritated eyes
Angry and uncomfortable
And hungry
With a burning something
that empties the stomach
and hollows out the soul.
Bus jolts and we wiggle
Jostled like almonds in a tin box

Charmanders are red. Squirtles are blue. 

If you were a pokemon, I’d choose you. 

Your smile is stronger than a hyperbeam. 

Like Jesse and James, we’d make the perfect Team Rocket.

I’ll stay by your side like Pikachu and Ash, 

and I’ll love you more than a level 80 Rapidash. 

You’re more legendary than a Zapdos, Entei or Mew. 

But out of all the 150, I choose you <3.

You think you seen it all?

Lets go
Like a rifle shot out of my mind
You know what you will find
Cocaine To A.C.I.D
Speed And Weed
Shrooms for doom and crack in my sack
MDMA capsules filling the innerside of my neck
Heroine Strapped in black on my back
Some Crystal meth in a purple bag
LSD for me
Ill chase you with a chainsaw, you will see
Its all drugs around me!
Snore the cocaine
Snore the speed
Pop the XtC
Drink the GHB in water or tea
Couse adrenalin is dope for me
Smoke the Weed
And do whatever you want with the A.C.I.D
Pop the MDMA like a goon
Eat the motherfucking shroom
Smoke the crack and get the crystel meth out your purple bag
Thats right, I kill a fag
With a furious anger and pain
Crank the steroids and gain
Do the LSD and see

Shot the heroine and meth
Now say rest in peace cuz ur close to your death
Your about to overdose
Pipes and bongs is what i clean
Ill send some crack to mister Bean
You know whats my will
Blaze a gram or joint and to kill! 

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