Wednesday, 19 February 2014

Finally Some Romance!

First, some notes about the poem and its structure: seven stanzas representing the lucky number 7; each stanza is made of two lines representing a monogamous couple; there are fourteen lines total, one for each day through Feb. 14.  Also, this poem is dedicated to both the JD team and to the JD user <Veronica>.

"Martingale My Heart"
by (176670) <penny>

Our love is like a martingale,
this tiny flame brightly burning, licks at our heels only to consumes us.

It starts as a seedling, filled with our hopes and dreams,
And grows into a massive oak that withstands the kisses of the lumberjack's axe.

What begins as a sweet and gentle rain, mana from heaven,
becomes a mighty stormcloud, booming loudly as it marches across the sky, raging with thunderous fury.

Our passions run wild, out of control and upredictable,
taking us to the apogee of our excesses, our desires fulfilled.

The mathematicians seek to circumscribe us,
with equations replete with the ruins of ancient dead civilizations. But what is this language we speak?

Our love is infinite, boundless, timeless and uncountable,
It weathers the wins and the losses, the ups and the downs.

Our love is like a martingale,
So come take my hand and roll the dice with me.

" I may not have perfume
To linger in the air
Instead I am here with you,
To show how much I really care.

I may not have candy hearts
and boxes of delights
But even if you go blind
I`ll always be your sight.

I may not have a pretty card
with Fancy shades of red
Instead I have my love for you
Even surpassed when I am dead.

I mat not have a teddy bear
That whimpers, "please be mine"
Instead I gave my heart to you
You wear it all the time. "

"now lets fuck with our sexual parts "

Ere the 14th of February, 
All the Dicers, strange and varied:
do rejoice and pray be merry!
For tis sure that Deb be ferried,
by her beau Doog, yet unmarried,
bearing chocolate and strawberry
onto bed of lustful parry.
And so whales may swim unharried,
for no death switch here be buried!

a twist, a turn
a win, a burn
a loss, a gain
alone, afraid

But then a light releases chance
I forget to know, what is this "can't"?
posibility beyond belief, what was trapped is now released 

A new beggining could it be,
with just those words, you set me free,
what are these words?
must you ask
Those simple words firmly grasp,
my heart and soul
and my being 
I can't believe 
what I'm seeing

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