Friday, 28 February 2014

Winner Winner!!

And the winner is...

Last Bus Out

It’s cold around our feet.
Florescent, irascible light
On my irritated eyes
Angry and uncomfortable
And hungry
With a burning something
that empties the stomach
and hollows out the soul.
Bus jolts and we wiggle
Jostled like almonds in a tin box

The ennui
Of going round and round the faces of a clock
A bell at every stop
With only the shadows moving
Across the floor of the bus
Like repetitious laughter.

They’re oblivious
Because they’re in love
Squeezed together
With only a tenuous hold on slender.
Metal bars, endangering the rest of us
When the driver throws on the breaks
And their reality is shaken apart for a second,
Pushing them against gravity
Before they can refocus on each other’s eyes.

They’ll come down later.

This poem was written by JessicaDoge, and I owe Jessica my apologies as only part of her poem got published the first time around. I am very pleased that her poem won, so that we can enjoy the rest of it! Congratulations Jessica! :)
Just-Dice userid: 402099

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