Saturday, 22 February 2014


roll hi! roll hi! roll hi!
digits, variance - just nice 

roll lo! roll lo! roll lo!
no more reds, god damn, nо more!

climbing, falling, H! L! H!
f#cking close to zero stage

crossing fingers, stop the breath
rolling numbers lucky green!!

that nice, my dice, just nice!
honey, shure - it's last dice!

roll hi! roll lo! roll hi! roll lo! roll lo!
no more.. no more.. no more!! 

ouch! unbelieveble! boom-crunch!
honey, on our valentine we've got no lunch... (

Kiss me, dear, here and near,
throw away your silent fear.
listen to this shaped sound -
it’s a song of sleeping town - 
it’s a music of the wind 
in the everlasting spring.

Do not mind of the thunder hummer -
it’s a sign of coming summer,
let the lightening shine your eyes
for my feelings to arise,
Let the wind blow up your hair
for the mighty smells of air.

Do not leave me - I’m alone,
it’s so easy - turn me on,
do not let me fall in dreams - 
we should cross their angry streams.
Then we’ll fly through dark and light
to control the dawn and night...

 Time's away, again today.
 Back tomorrow, will it stay?
 Sullin sorrow, to pull astray?
 Lonely 'morrow, fades to grey.
 A flash of light, it dies by night.
 Pales thy face, to leave it white.
 Takes thy place, and thought it might.
 But leaves no trace, of thee in sight.
 The end is drawn, so carry on.
 And leave no mark of "we" apon.
 'cuz now the loth'd "he" is gone.
 Time can be with "she" till dawn.
 Time's a fray, in many way
 Back tomorrow? who's to say?
 Abandoned sorrow, lead astray
 Leaving 'morrow, another day

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