Wednesday, 5 February 2014

Fun and Fantastic

Just Six Dice Players I Love
by Strange Brooch

I. Creator

A mighty force controls this land,
Dispensing justice with an even hand,
Yet for all his power he cannot know,
Which seeds will rot and which will grow.

II. Queen

What sweet lady, indoors again?
Whilst ownerless doges shiver in the rain!

III. Snail

Slow investor in time, crawling near the bay,
Watching some set sail, and others sink,
Thou laugh to scorn the quicker way.
Though gamblers scoff, you will never shelter lack,
Nor profits too, carrying your house on your bac-k.

IV. Whale

LiKe Ahab's foe to smash our mast,
Defying numbers, closing fast,
Half demon fiend, I saw him plain,
First rise, then fall - then rise again!

V. Troll

Filling the chat with extra bile,
He wastes our time to scam a while,
Taking our names to steal the wealth,
But fool who he can, he cannot deceive himself.
True cunning he is, yet a loser still,
When the reckoning is done, he pays the bill.

VI. Newbie

Already bust! How could it fail?
This oh so subtle martingale,
Rage in the chat box!
Even though he's the sucker,
And demand the creator,

No prize sorry, but if you think you know all six dice players leave me a message here: 1CPHQV91iUv9LQGeFRBVPjapEY4JtqdW89

1 comment :

  1. 1st Dooglus - 2nd Deb - 3rd BayAreaCoins -
    4th Likashing - 5th Extra - 6th Ricky

    i know that there is not prize involved but i try to guess it ;) maybe i got a couple