Tuesday, 11 February 2014

My Stupidity

My Stupidity

As many of you know i am WillTat4btc. I started tattooing myself to obtain bitcoin. It was all going well. After the first take off of my adventure
then i needed to setup a relocation fund to be closer to my children in Florida. Tattoos have stopped, was getting no new tattoo4btc coming in. So i have this 
bright idea to try to gamble and win the rest of my moving fund. Well today, while i was being stupid, i decided to give it a shot. I lost all my relocation fund, trying to reach my goal. I am now behind 5.5 btc to make my goal again.
I'm not blaming anyone but myself for my stupid decisions. My relocation seems like its not going to come true anymore. Which leaves a terrible taste in my mouth and i feel broken. I have met many wonderful people on Just Dice, and i am more
than thankful for every ones contributions and help. Means the world to me. So i am desperately asking anyone that would be willing to tat4btc to please consider, my offer to tattoo something of your choice on my skin so i can make this relocation happen.
I only have 9 days to get the 5.5 that i need in total for my goal to be reached. I hate doing this and i feel like a horrible person asking for help. I do not want someone to just feel sorry for me for my poor decisions, but rather tat4btc. I do all my tattoos live on
camera in exchange for bitcoin. At this point, i don't care what the tattoo is, as long as i can raise the goal. I feel such an idiot of trying to win my goal, its not Just Dice's fault, its fair, i got to excited once i was winning. But at this point i don't know what to do.
Please contact me via my website and to see prev tattoos and donor list. Or if you want to tip some that's fine. My address is at the bottom. It's all my fault, don't need people saying I'm a dumb ass etc, because i already know.
Thank you for reading my post.

Your Friend Always,
Mike aka Willtat4btc
17mNzqAXP4QNMErgSrx3Vxoj2XE9BsQZ7Z - Relocation address.

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  1. Is kinda sad to read that from you WillTAT4btc, i feel happy when i knew that you was the guy that did the LikaShing tattoo, that was for me like something like nice this guy got some btc exchanging his talent to another person instead of done something bad like the guy that scammed the 22 btc from Lika. I hope that you find a way to sort this problem