Thursday, 30 January 2014

Roses are Red, Violets are...

It's time for our next contest! For all of you who fancy yourselves poets (and even those of you who do not) this is the perfect contest for you. There are only a few rules (subject to change without notice as usual) and you can really let your creative juices flow here.

There is no limit to how long your poem can be, but I would like to see at least three lines. Your poem can rhyme, or not. It must have a "Valentine" theme of some sort. Pretend you are writing this for your sweetheart or lost love.

Make it sappy, make it sweet!
Dazzle me! 
Knock me off of my feet!
(get it?)

Good luck you Dicers! Prizes to be announced sometime before winners are chosen. Oh, yah, and please email me your poems before Noon UTC February 14th! :)

Thank you, Thank you!

Judging is going to be done by a third party who shall remain anonymous.

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