Tuesday, 20 August 2013

A Day in the Life of Klye

Breaking News:

See everyone, easy peasy!

"The reality is that all it takes is some web programming skills and an understanding of bitcoin to be able to set up a BTC-denominated gambling site."

In chat today:

Truer words may never have been spoken on J-D chat.
 22:53:21 (31681) <Ruru> in all the infinite universes, i could not find a thread where kyle won 500 btc

Really opus, you say this like it is a good thing? 
13:12:42 (2386) <opusdigitus> if we get to 5400, i am going to go outside and shoot my AK47s in the sky
13:13:20 (2386) <opusdigitus> this is murika deb. i can shoot my gun anywhere i want!

Maybe you want to have your clones checked for diseases before you visit, hex.
13:39:33 (42031) <hex> ever since I visited that asian shit clone of this my CSS has been fucked up

Well then...
19:50:16 (11) <Banker> do not act like you have not licked an asshole

This is classic, but I think well said. Replace fondle with tickle, for a more current feel.
And yet another 'fondling' goes unreported
00:38:01 (31681) <Ruru> there was this guy
00:38:04 (31681) <Ruru> with a crazy sequence
00:38:13 (31681) <Ruru> 1,3,7,15,32,65,130
00:38:18 (31681) <Ruru> crazy shit
00:38:24 (34490) <Cheeseheaven> oh i seen that before
00:38:30 (31681) <Ruru> eleuthria's gamble
00:38:34 (31681) <Ruru> he fondled the site for 300 btc
00:38:36 (31681) <Ruru> then lost it all
00:38:53 (31681) <Ruru> he lost about 1000+ btc or something

Quote of the day:

Klye said this, earlier today:
13:19:57 (1470) <KLYE> Seems I didn't stick my balls hard enough into the fan

Hours later and somewhat busted he said this:
20:26:34 (1470) <KLYE> Hope my tears taste good Ruru
Apparently 'balls hard into the fan' hurts!

From the forums:


Told you guys to beware of them. China guys copies everything 
They did the back end and much of them are buggy (I've bumped into a GAuth bug during some testing). And they have 10 Customer Service manager
And they all sucks. doog and Deb are more friendly and efficient 

Enough said.

Finally someone has discovered the power of J-D

Saturday, 17 August 2013

We're Back!

I want to thank you all for your patience while I worked some things out with my dog's health. For those of you who are interested and have asked she is going to need some ongoing treatment, but should lead a fairly normal life.

Breaking News:

We are having a logo designed, and would love it if you could take a look and give us feedback on the ones you like/hate!
Check out the poll for our new logo design!

In chat today  or a day between last blog and today:

 Cock hero anyone?
12:57:05 (1470) <KLYE> Doog only strokes when we lose I thought
12:57:15 (1) <dooglus> it's like hard mode - trying to keep it up while the site is losing money

Quite like the 3 Stooges, don't you think?

  1. 06:10:51 (1470) <KLYE> Opus
  2. 06:10:54 (1470) <KLYE> Not gonna lie
  3. 06:11:03 (1470) <KLYE> I just sent you all of my BTC..
  4. 06:11:05 (1470) <KLYE> :/
  5. 06:11:08 (1470) <KLYE> lol
  6. 06:11:09 (2386) <opusdigitus> did you?
  7. 06:11:32 (2386) <opusdigitus> well i don't want them then.
  8. 06:11:37 (1470) <KLYE> Lmfao
  9. 06:11:40 (1470) <KLYE> Wow
  10. 06:11:43 (2386) <opusdigitus> give me your address. i won my first bet for .002 so i am happy
  11. 06:12:07 (1470) <KLYE> Hahahaha, man I am really really happy you are good shit.
  12. 06:12:18 (1470) <KLYE> Lesser person would have high tailed it
  13. 06:12:41 (1470) <KLYE> Lmfao. made it rain all my BTC on you.. hahahaha
  14. 06:13:17 (1470) <KLYE> Hell just send me back 2.0 and I'm happy
  15. 06:13:21 (2386) <opusdigitus> on their way
  16. 06:13:22 (2386) <opusdigitus> lol
  17. 06:13:28 (11) <Banker> fuck klye lmao
    06:14:39 (1470) <KLYE> lmao
  18. 06:14:41 (1470) <KLYE> What a night
  19. 06:15:52 (3143) <Yna> looool
  20. 06:16:06 (1470) <KLYE> *blinks*
    06:17:27 (1470) <KLYE> opus sir, whats the transaction ID on the 1.98?
  21. 06:17:48 (1470) <KLYE> My electrum is being shady as per usual
  22. 06:18:24 (2386) <opusdigitus> klye, what 1.98?
  23. 06:18:28 (1470) <KLYE> ...
  24. 06:18:32 (1470) <KLYE> Really man?
    06:19:25 (2386) <opusdigitus> i sent you .02, which is what you sent me.
    06:20:41 (1470) <KLYE> lmao. I sent you 2BTC by accident.
  25. 06:21:04 (1470) <KLYE> Because I was an idiot and hit my withdraw before putting my own address in.
    06:21:56 (2386) <opusdigitus> it just showed up in my account klye
  26. 06:22:01 (1470) <KLYE> So I guess you could send it back and be awesome. Or just take it and run off I guess, I'm obviously to retarded to have btc
  27. 06:22:02 (2386) <opusdigitus> must have been caught by another block
  28. 06:22:03 (1470) <KLYE> lmao
  29. 06:22:09 (31681) <Ruru> Run OPUS RUN
  30. 06:22:10 (2386) <opusdigitus> hang on
  31. 06:22:12 (1470) <KLYE> Lmao
  32. 06:22:13 (31681) <Ruru> Lol
  33. 06:22:15 (2386) <opusdigitus> no.
  34. 06:22:25 (2386) <opusdigitus> first i got .02.
  35. 06:22:28 (1470) <KLYE> lmao
  36. 06:22:29 (31681) <Ruru> opus is a good guy you got lucky :P
  37. 06:22:33 (2386) <opusdigitus> then i got 2.0309
  38. 06:22:42 (2386) <opusdigitus> where did the .0309 come from if you sent 2?
  39. 06:22:43 (1470) <KLYE> I'll send you the .02 back.. send me 2 BTC and keep the .03
  40. 06:22:43 (31681) <Ruru> if it were me..
  41. 06:22:44 (31681) <Ruru> then..
  42. 06:22:49 (31681) <Ruru> I'd still send it back lol
  43. 06:22:58 (2386) <opusdigitus> well i'm definitely sending it back...
  44. 06:23:03 (1470) <KLYE> Yeah, I fat fingered my withdraw to opus.. lmao
    06:23:07 (2386) <opusdigitus> i'm just trying to sort out where all this money is raining from

    The moral of this story is that if you are going to send someone your balance by mistake, make sure it is someone like opus or Ru! Oh, and Klye is a dummy!

    This question gets asked often, even though it is well explained in the FAQ on site. I think that cparsley has the better explanation, though.

    20:08:31 (86128) <commrobot> can I reuse the deposit address I used before? if so, why does deposit even show me a different one now?
    20:08:42 (44635) <BayAreaCoins> Yes
    20:08:48 (86353) <diddle> commrobot: Because you now have 2 addresses
    20:09:13 (44635) <BayAreaCoins> Its like a buffet, don't reuse plates! 
    20:09:18 (86128) <commrobot> lol
    20:09:29 (86353) <diddle> Presumably doog likes to give you the option of increased privacy. Nice chap.

    Quote of the day:
    20:09:31 (42615) <cparsley> The Health Deparment demands a new address for a new trip to the buffet.

    And don't forget guys, that to receive your .01 prize you must either ask me in chat or email support! This is of course a blatant attempt to force you to read my blog.

    Here is battani winning 17 times in a row! Good for you. I bet you wish you were betting a whole lot more.

You know it's a bad day when:

 I expect to hear no more complaining over a few lost BTC!

From the forums is cancelled today due to TOO MUCH MATHS! 

Tuesday, 13 August 2013

No Post Today

Hi guys! I just wanted to update you a bit. My dog is sick at the moment and I am not doing very well focusing on the blog, so decided that I would just take a few days off to focus on her.

On my next post I will choose two or three QotD to make up for this dry spell! Take care, and happy dicing!


Wednesday, 7 August 2013

Maths by Deb - Be Afraid!

Breaking News:

I thought we'd post the profits chart today.

It is interesting that despite many Dicers thinking that the profits would quickly head back to the expected 1% (red line) they have been running pretty much parallel to the red. This is exactly what is  expected, mathematically, and it's nice to have a visual to help those who seemed to be struggling to understand.

What this chart also illustrates beautifully is the degree to which variance affects profits while the site is so young. This same "bump" in profits should look much less dramatic when we are many more months old.

In chat today:

Sometimes I wonder about the Dicers!
21:43:59 (44512) <Wilco> i think i know what's up with my insomnia ; it's like i have jet lag, i need to go on holiday to america for a couple weeks then come back

21:45:11 (65984) <abigail> wilco, wear a Taliban T-shirt as a prank at the airport

21:44:47 (60) <jasinlee> But if I wasnt aspergers I probably woulda killed her by now :P

21:46:00 (1470) <KLYE> My record is a week with no stimulants.. I was honestly hallucinating BALLS

21:46:12 (136) <sqwerty> i smoke a lot of w**d

Then Wilco decided it was time to get everyone's attention

21:46:32 (44512) <Wilco> deb/doog did you see the new competition? 
21:46:53 (65984) <abigail> where?
21:46:54 (1) <dooglus> no?
21:47:02 (65984) <abigail> who?
21:47:05 (58969) <`2 _`2 > what?
21:47:09 (2) <Deb> competition??? what is this evil you speak?

doog of course immediately found the silver lining

21:47:17 (44512) <Wilco> they were trying to steal investors by offering 2% commission, let me find url 
21:47:27 (1) <dooglus> interesting
21:47:43 (1) <dooglus> we could do with less investors ;)

but after much thought (about 30 seconds it seems) reconsidered

21:48:14 (1) <dooglus> I think other sites might have trouble getting investors though, unless they're run by well known / trusted people
C'mon Wilco, tell us how you really feel

21:48:52 (44512) <Wilco> i looked at the site
21:48:55 (44512) <Wilco> it's a pile of shit

May cooler heads prevail

21:48:55 (65984) <abigail> dooglus has worked at establishing rep for some time now
21:48:59 (60) <jasinlee> dooglus I never talked to you much, but I never would trust any other sites, you have debunked so many scams I dont think anyone else that deals with gambling would even come close to your rep. Props!

And right back where we started, Dicer advice

22:47:59 (65984) <sixty-five-984> KLYE forget work, gamble more


22:48:08 (65984) <sixty-five-984> can you get a payday advance?

22:48:19 (65984) <sixty-five-984> sell kidney

Quote of the day:

Not sure what jas is referring to, and I am thinking it's probably better that way.

22:24:16 (60) <jasinlee> Its like prison, lots of people that dont know you are all trying to poke you.

From the forums:

That SEC diagram is a mess and Dooglus is a man who appreciates simplicity.  When he does eventually take off with the entire J-D bankroll I expect the diagram to similarly be an elegantly simple to follow roadmap.

First, you will see a bunch of boxes labeled "investors" ranging from 0.1 BTC to 1000s of BTC and it will look like Investors ----> J-D Bankroll (500,001 BTC)

Then, the rest will be an elegant, easy to read railroad track as so:
Investors ----> J-D Bankroll ----> Dooglus Coinbase Account -----> Dooglus Bank Account -----> Dooglus in Bora-Bora drinking Mai Tais with Deb in a grass hoola skirt

So much easier to follow than that monstrosity pirateat40 put together.

I am sure you are all relieved to hear that when doog runs off with your BTC it will LOOK good!

Quote from: willphase on August 07, 2013, 04:02:18 AM
It is possible to reduce the casino edge by just betting less, as per the 2-composite bet example Dooglus explained above.  I asked a friend to formalise the proof - here is his paper [link].

Quote from: dooglus on August 07, 2013, 04:09:01 AM
If only you hadn't said it reduces the edge...  The edge is 1% and not subject to change.  It's possible to bet less, and so reduce expected losses.

and now you quoted me so I can't fix it   Argh I just quoted you quoting me!!

Argh Q U O T E C E P T I O N


Seems you've gotten yourself into quite the pickle, Will!

Saturday, 3 August 2013

Just-Dice is a scam!

Breaking News:

This just in: Just-Dice has been accused of being a scam! (Haven't we heard that somewhere before?) Check here for details, and thanks to all who spoke up in our defense! We love you Dicers!
Bitcoin Scammers

Nice description of J-D here. 
Bitcoin Magazine

Très cool! Andrew put his numbers in the wrong boxes and won a large bit on a single bet. He then managed to work that up to an even larger amount. He pulled some BTC and bought himself a new computer! That's what we like to see! Here are the specs on the new machine. 

20:38:17 (47062) <andrew> AMD 4.2GHz Quad-Core CPU, 8GB RAM, 128 GB SSD, 2 1 TB HDDs, AMD Radeon HD 7950, Das Keyboard

Of course I didn't understand a word of that, so asked for a better description. Here it is.


20:38:58 (47062) <andrew> just say RADEON HD 7950 and all the bitcoin nerds will be excited

And this is what it looked like.

In chat today:

And by today, I may mean yesterday or even the day before that, as apparently I suck at daily blogging! Who'd have thought?

So, here's how it went down. doog made a contest to 'win' an account that klye had made way back in the day and somehow messed up by pasting his secret something or another in the chat. Klye was sad as it had been his original account, so when Trekkie correctly guessed the password, he offered the account back to klye. Trekkie is the Dicer we all aspire to be.

15:15:54 (1470) <KLYE> Deb.. You should totally put a good thing on the blog for trekkie being legit and giving me back my account

Banker thinks that doog should get the QotD for this quote. What do you all think? Can we even say 'fuck' on the blog?

20:28:50 (11) <Banker> 21:27:34 (1) <dooglus> fell at the first hurdle - giving a fuck 

Quote of the Day: Pending the results of the 'should doogie win' poll. (you can vote by commenting on this post)

From the forums: 


Try this. Let "loss" = 0 and "win" = 1. Consider the following 24 rolls:

0 0 0 1 0 1 0 0 1 1 1 0 0 0 0 0 0 1 1 0 1 0 1 1

Now split into the "roll number", "run (or sequence) number" and "losses per run":

Rolls:  0  0  0  1 0  1     0  0  1   0  0  0  0  0  0  1 0  1  0  1   1
Roll number: 1  2  3  4 5  6   7  8  9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23  24
Run number: 1 2  3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10
Losses per run: 3        1  2 0 0 6 0 1 1 0

I hope that's clear?

Clear as mud, organ, but thanks for trying! 

( I know all of you nerds get it, but let me have my fun, will you?)


There was an issue where 90 investors couldn't view their investment log on the history tab.  It's fixed now.

Sorry for any inconvenience.

Or, for the  tl;dr