Sunday, 2 February 2014

A Must Read!

A cautionary tale of gambling hell:

Hello everyone, you may know me as Taizong on Just-Dice. I'm a 24 year old university student from Richmond, British Columbia, Canada. I feel like a fool right now because I lost all my money over the past week by gambling, and I really need to just talk about this. Hopefully someone else won't make the same mistakes.

I didn't lose a ridiculous amount of money. In fact, I *only* lost 7.7 bitcoins, which would currently equate to about 6,000 dollars. But the problem is that as a full-time university student, this was 90% of my savings. And since student loans don't cover the full cost of my expenses, I don't have any money after this semester.


I was never a gambler. I've never gone to a casino. I've never played poker. Hell, I never even bought a lottery ticket. But for some reason when I saw a post about LiKaShing's run on on Reddit, I was immediately hooked. I created a plan for myself - I said that I would play carefully and control my bets. I would withdraw BTC after winning 50% of my initial deposit. Everything was going rather smoothly; although I went down a few times, I ended up hitting 9.5 bitcoins.

But then I couldn't control myself and thought that I could keep going, even in face of mathematical logic. I lost 1.5 bitcoins. Then I deposited two more. I lost those too. Then again the same. Until I saw all my money vanish and I realized the horror of what I had done. I had that horrible sinking feeling and was very angry at myself and everything around me. I didn't sleep and all I could think about during class for the past week was how much of a loser and moron I am. I just hate myself for throwing away my own hard-earned money.

The moral of this story is, DON'T GAMBLE WITH MONEY YOU CAN'T AFFORD TO LOSE. Gambling sounds like an “easy” way to increase your capital, but nothing in this world comes easy and free, unless you were born with a golden spoon in your mouth. Only gamble with the money you can afford to lose.

As for me, I feel like I learned a good life lesson. This was my fault and has nothing to do with Just-Dice. I never want to gamble again. I've borrowed some money to be able pay for my current semester tuition. After that, I don't know yet, but I think it'll work itself out – life always finds a way.

My vaultofsatoshi account deposit address:

Thanks for reading and stay safe.


  1. Man, I feel for you. I've lost around 10 BTC by gambling, 3/4 of ot when BTC was around 150$. Luckily, I've much more since I'm working since ten years but god, I was feeling the same as you. I remeber that I put my only 2.5 BTC left on a 50% bet out of despair and stopped right on time. Have you asked justdice to block you account from playing? This is the first thing to do.

    You HAVE to learn that lesson, because I feel like donating isn't going to help you. I know it's difficult, I wish that it won't force you to leave university because of that.

    Meanwhile, post your progress here and in 6 months, if you feel that you're surpassed your urge to play and you're still in financial trouble, I'll might give you a bit.

  2. Wow, he got 13 BTC by posting a sob story!!

  3. I read your story and was kinda sad, now i logged in JD and saw some user saying that you got 13 BTC on donations, i check your addy and saw that is true, now i guess you got your second chance Taizong, now you have the ability to prove that you can do what you said is right, dealing with the natural gambling instinct is a hard task. if you need help about stopping you can check the KoS post earlier in this blog or check the FAQ at JD.

    Good luck i hope you can do the best for you. :)

  4. So I guess the lesson is - lose on JD, make a sincere appeal and people help you out? Like the young guy above, I lost nearly 5 bitcoins trying to get cash to pay off my accumulated $10k debt because of extended unemployment - the economy sucks, and havent been able to get work in over a year. I've had to borrow against my credit cards just to survive. I want to move but without funds to do so, i've been stuck. i have no family support, so I've been scrapping by doing odd jobs. Now I'm even down what I tried to recover. I had hoped to get my BFF something nice for her birthday, which falls right around Valentine's Day, but now I've barely got enough to make my rent. If any kind soul can help out, I set up an addy: 1BTCsXp9Mmi26hZYJMaSquzNY5eLpF78Pi

  5. Hey guys! Aclarification to some earlier 'rumours' : Taizong DID NOT get 13BTC in donations. He asked me to verify his online wallet account. The previous address shows his own deposits to that wallet— not donations, and not withdrawals (all of which were to JD). His account had actually received *no* donations, so please don't assume that a sob story = instant generosity. Had hoped that the story was going to have a happy ending, but that's not the case here.

  6. Maybe he should post unused address to make things more transparent...

  7. That's a hard story. I lost 16 BTC myself when it was cheap. Since I don't play dice-games any more but it doesn't change the fact that I am greedy and tempted all the time to invest in stupid ponzi or new games.