Sunday, 9 February 2014

Let the Poems Begin!

One year ago this Spring, you gave me a ring.
I agreed to be your princess, and you my King.

When I'm in your arms, you make me swoon.
Our love soars higher, than doge on the moon.

Together through the losses, and the martin-fail's.
Through the wins, and investment from whales.

Like a teenager again, you make me feel so giddy.
But my heart dropped when you looked me in the eye and said "I need about tree fiddy".

It was about that time I realised I've been engaged to the God damn Loch Ness monster for 8 months.

Roses are red
Fried chicken is brown
When i see KFC
I scarf it right down.

I can not live Without KFC
KFC Is my everything
Without KFC my life is nothing
I'm not even Bluffing.

If you do not like KFC
You should not talk to me

Shoot I could talk about KFC for hours
Like how I eat KFC in the showers
But I would like to make this snappy
Chicken from KFC makes me happy

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