Wednesday, 12 February 2014

Dog Training Can be Taken Two Ways!

Hi guys. As many of you will know, and some will find out here, one of our dogs was hit by a train on Monday, and although he is expected to make a full recovery, I have been busy caring for him. The poetry  contest was due to end on Friday, with judging to take place shortly there after. I have decided to postpone judging as I've not got anywhere close to all the poems up on the blog yet. Deadline for submissions will still be the 14th, but please be patient as I work through the wonderful submissions. We have to travel on Monday for a specialist appointment, so I will likely get things finished up following that trip.

On another note, I am no longer posting 'sob stories' or 'tales of woe' or 'warning tales' for the foreseeable future. People seem to be thinking that it is their right to have their stories posted on the blog, and I am partly responsible for that. I always feel terrible when people lose or even just when they have a sad story and want help. That said, the blog is and was meant to be a place of fun, a refuge from the 'nerdiness' of the site and chat (cuz you all know I'm not a nerd!) and lately has felt like a downer.

I will not, ever, become a Debbie Downer! :P

So, on that note, send me fun stories, happy tales, pics of things you've purchased or things you've done with your winnings. And for now, keep the losses for another time.

Take care, thanks for reading.



  1. i saw dooglus talking about the BC but i was busy in testing a new slow game and didn't noticed that your dog was hit by a train, i can't imagine how a living thing can survive after being hitting by a train they looks too big on tv :( . i hope you can find a way to save him.

    About the sob stories thingy i won't write too much now maybe in other time.

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