Thursday, 30 January 2014

Origins of the Rainman

There was once a time where the chat of Doge-Dice was not overflowing with rains. It was not punctuated by the call of !rainman. These were the dark days, and unknowing to the users of Doge-Dice... This time was coming to an end.

x was once just a typical user at Doge-Dice. He would come online and bet his doges just like the rest of us, he would talk in the chat and chastise beggars just like us.
That is, until the day he became something... very different.

x was walking home from work when the clear sky above him suddenly changed, dark clouds swirled and mixed into the blue above him as the wind picked up against his face. He felt the beginnings of some light drizzle splashing against his cheek. Pulling his hood up over his face he hurried down the main street as quickly as he could.

Suddenly a sharp bright light burned into his eyes as a fork of lightning struck the ground in front of him, moments later a deafening explosion threatened to burst his ear drums. He jumped, panicked and ran for cover underneath the awning of the local butcher shop as the rain the rain turned torrential. Little did he know that fate had brought this rain to the right man.

Just as he was about to step under the awning, another streak of lightning hit the ground at his feet and he felt a stinging sensation rip through his legs. He looked down and realised he had stepped into a puddle just as the lightning hit it. The last thing he saw as he fell to the ground was the rain coming down, pouring over his face.

He woke up in an familar feeling place, sitting at a pristine white desk on a pristine white chair. The walls were marked with the image of a Shiba Inu, on a golden coin with the words "wow much coin how money so crypto plz mine v rich very currency" in a repeated pattern.

He noticed a wooden door on the wall in front of him, strange he hadn't noticed it before. The door handle began to turn and swing open. Standing in front of him were two beings. Their flesh seemed to emanate a soft golden glow. Their movements seemed synchronized as they opened their mouths together and started chanting "Rainman.Rainman.Rainman.Rainman". X blacked out again.

When x woke he knew his purpose. He was in his bedroom again but he knew what he must do. He knew the powers that had been given to him. He feverishly turned on his computer, logged into Doge-Dice and cast himself into the merciless depths of the chat. He forced his mind to leave his body and become absorbed by the screaming unrelenting mass of perversion happening at the time.

He gave himself fully, and knew what he must do. He felt the strength of his new gift burning inside him, he felt it filling him. He knew he could wreak havoc, he knew he could bring the world to it's knees with a flick of his wrist but he also knew doge, he knew love.. Not just love, but such love. Wow. Very love.

He opened his arms to the chat, and welcomed donations. He used these donations to keep his power in check, as a focus point to increase his power. He grew, slightly at first but his tendrils ran deeper and deeper over time. Eventually he became integrated, he became the chat. He turned the rain against itself, he would bring peace and love with the force that almost took him.

He was not x any more, he was RainMan. And he had only one thing to say...
(13) <x> ● It begins to rain! You have 20 seconds to submit your addresses to share 2586.56300259 coins. ●

By DogeMasterChamp

Thank you DMC for this great story! Sorry I didn't get the illustration done in time! :P

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  1. Wow, such great, very read. Many Rainman, wow Origins.

  2. Now i know the true. such Oringins. very Crypto, So amaze, Wow Rainman!

    Thanks DogeMasterChamp for bring your knowledge about Rainman history to us.

  3. no mention of bankroll? so sad

  4. then bankroll did 1001 magical tests

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