Tuesday 21 January 2014


I am writing this in desperate hopes of reaching some of the current (and future) players who lose and wish to have their losses refunded. I expect that what I will end up doing is preaching to the choir, but hey, it's worth a shot.

So, since the site launched, we have been receiving a myriad of support tickets requesting, demanding, begging return of coins lost while playing. We have even received several with threats of various types if we don't refund their losses.

Lately this seems to be getting more frequent, perhaps in part due to the addition of the doge-coin site, and perhaps mostly due to the recent price rise of BTC. We have a VERY strict non-refund policy on both sites. I imagine that most people requesting refunds have no idea how much more is being requested on a daily basis. To them it seems just a small amount, but when added together, the number is significant.

Gamblers need to realize that first of all they are losing to the investors, not to us. Once their coin is lost, it has been split amongst all who have their coins invested. They also need to not play for more than they can afford to lose. If they are uncomfortable losing a certain amount of coin then they should not have it in their balance able to be played. If the coins are not in your balance you (or your baby, teen, or errant bot) can not accidentally bet them all in one go.

Our sites do everything they can to keep your coins safe. The cold storage is not accessible to anyone aside from dooglus, there are a minimal number of coins kept in the hot wallet, and there is the ability for you to set user names, passwords, and 2FA on your accounts. If you try to make a max bet there is a box that pops up warning you of this and making you click again to confirm. (If you choose to turn this warning off then you risk an accidental max bet.) We offer to block accounts from gambling so investors are less tempted, and we don't endorse bots for the simple reason that we can not be accountable for any losses that might occur using these tools.

The FAQ has a very clear statement regarding refunds, and still people continue to expect that they may be the exception to this policy.

If anyone has any thoughts on how we can be even more clear in this regard, please feel free to email me directly, submit a ticket, or comment on the blog. It's difficult to keep saying the same thing to people, and more difficult when they don't accept our response and either threaten us or continue to harass us with refund requests.

We are not heartless, we care about people's losses. Unless there is a site side issue, there will be



  1. I think I can speak for everyone when I say we need some sort of origin story for Rainman... Hint hint

  2. Well, there's actually another quite easy to understand reason for no refunds:
    If you could get a refund, then you could get your losses refunded but could keep your winning (noone complaining about those, right?). It's impossible to verify if someone else did bet in your name or you did it yourself.

    No gambling site could survive that.

  3. I've some BTC the other day. I was sick about it and asked an account blocking. It was done promptly. The idea of complaining crossed my mind but I immediately discarded it for the reasons stated above. If you were refunded, how could you learn the lesson ?

    This was invest money, and when the invest money transit via the bankroll, you are really tempted to roll some dices. Account blocking might be easier to setup, and difficult or impossible to reverse (if you really want to play you can open another account)

  4. Losses are losses, just as gains are gains. The site is very clear about that. Debs and Doog, you shouldn't feel at all guilty. (Assuming you've checked on the legality of running a gambling site).

  5. Require two factor authorization of each bet. Accompanied by a large font warning them of the impending danger. The warning should be in a different color for each bet and with different wording each time so that people don't get used to it.

    Force them to click on an "I agree" button that is hard to find and in a different place each time with a foreground color that is just slightly different than the background color.

    Make it part of the game, hunting for the "I agree" button makes you earn the opportunity to place a bet.

    1. Nah it is fine as it is now. Lots of people that can handle a gambling site played lots of bets. I am currently at about 2k dice rolls and many have rolled even more. If I had to click some stupid warning message everytime those 2k rolls would cost me many hours maybe days, while this took me like 3-5 hours of actual playing.

      A massive and obvious warning message for newcomers or first bet(s) is okay, but they already have a clear statement and transparent policy and gambling site. People who still want a refund are just stupid and should learn about the risks of gambling.

      Don't ruin a site because a few players can't handle gambling. So no annoying messages that occur too often.

  6. After making 1.3 million bets, I would not want my account to suddenly stop betting because of some stupid warning sign. (Yes I run a bot, but I know how it works, and I understand the risk, and the bot is programmed not to bet too big.)

    Or rather, the bot stops betting when I've lost all my balance. :)

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