Sunday, 5 January 2014

Doge Problems

Doge we have a problem!
### withdrawals and deposits are suspended temporarily until the blockchain fork is resolved - ###

with this message showing in doge-dice we start this information, recently Dogecoin developers found that dogecoin blockchain have been forked and we have to suspend all the deposit and withdrawals, until this thing get normalized. stay calm people, developers are working to get a solution to this. They said that this have happened in the past in bitcoin blockchain and bitcoin still there so you don't need to panic, just wait until this get normalized and be aware of scammer that try to get your wallet .dat file nobody gonna ask you for that file so be careful. in the meantime i thing you'll be able to play with the dogecoin that you already have in Doge-Dice.

Also be aware of scammer that could appear trying to get your Doge-dice username and password. if you have any problems in Doge-dice, always use the support email found in the FAQ tab in the How can I contact you? section.

Thanks to masterp for writing this up. Unfortunately I was asleep when he sent it, so if he agrees I will add him as a blog admin so he can post things himself.

Please read this doge info for more info.

Apparently things are on their way to becoming normal again. If you've sent a ticket regarding doge deposits to the site please be patient as there are many to go through.

Take care, and happy doging!

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