Thursday, 30 January 2014

A Bit from Klye

Here are some quotes from an e-mail Klye sent. us. I have permission to post this on the blog for those who are interested.

I royally fucked up last night and degen'd my rent/food/life BTC away. 
I have a warrant out for my arrest.. And now that I have no rent for this month I think the best thing I can probably do is turn myself in and gocserve the rest of the winter in jail so I don't end up frozen to death in a snow bank somewhere. 
My future is very uncertain at this time and I am not sure how much I amgoing to be around. If I am incarcerated all winter that is probably forthe best. I need to start dealing with my shit and living like a normalperson. My life choices are horrible and I need to get sorted out before Iend up dead somewhere. :/

I hope that Klye does make some changes in his life, gets some help, and gains some focus. Difficult though it is, I hope that he spends less time on the site, and more time looking after himself. If you'd like to tip, here is an address where you may do so.



  1. Blah blah blah. I'll respect him if he gets the fuck off just-dice and handles his business. Begging for handouts will only contribute to him sticking around. Please, nobody give him anything.

  2. omg KLYE you did it again. if you are having problems with stop gambling you should read the story posted by KingOfSports in this blog maybe it can help you.

    i hope that one of your wealthy bitcoin friends give you hand, i don't know maybe by buying SparkleCoin future shares or funding your life. good luck KLYE.

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