Thursday, 30 January 2014

And The Winner Is.....

MasterP kindly wrote this for me. He said his English isn't great so I should change it, but I think it's fun to read just the way he wrote it. I did correct a couple of spelling errors, but left the rest. Thanks MasterP.
I named the winning pieces. Hopefully the artists won't mind!

One Million Doge Drawing contest Winners.

Just-dice and Doge-dice  Drawing contest is over, Deb have chosen the winners with over 24 drawings on the Album of Drawings, some of the draws were the same draw in several stages of the drawing process. that give us a total amount of 18 unique drawings, i think that it have been artistic and no an easy task to Deb to take a decision about the winners, people put all kind of imagination skills in this contest and i'm sure that a lot of people laughing a lot with some draws.

At the beginning i thought that lots of users going submit tons of stick people drawing because they told that they are not good at drawing but here you can see user that are able to be hired by a comic book company or be the next Andy Warhol 
And Now the winners!

Deb have chosen #4 Places to be awarded.

In Place #4 - Drawn with Blood (Mesmerizing)

In Place #3 - Doog in Tub with Deb Serving (Penny)

In Place #2 - Colour in the Sky (Squid)

In Place #1 - un d├ęcoupage fantastique (Lady Otter)

There are a couple of entries that I missed added to the gallery. Sorry guys! :) Take a look at all the submissions here :)

Gallery of Greatness

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  1. The picture was a lot of fun to create. Congrats to the other winners, everyone did an amazing job :)