Wednesday, 29 January 2014

J-D Down

Just-Dice is experiencing some technical difficulties. Doog is on it, but please come join us at Doge-Dice chat for timely updates.

Thanks for your patience!


dooglus here. I figure this is as good a place as any to write about the issue. Times are PST.


Jan 28th 

Around noon: I migrated the site to bigger better hardware in an attempt to reduce the lag that players had been complaining about. It appeared to have solved the problem. The site was still running great when I went to sleep around midnight.


Jan 29th 

7:55am: I awoke to find that the site had gone down which I was sleeping. I checked with the web host and sure enough the server wasn't responding. I tried shutting it down using the admin interface, but it wouldn't stop running.

8:17am: I opened a support ticket with the web host asking them to look at it and tell me what's going on. They replied and said they'd look into it.

8:45am: They replied again saying they're aware of the problem and need to migrate away from a particular piece of hardware. That the problem is their end. That they'll take care of what needs doing. I asked how long it will take. They said "no longer than 24 or 48 hours but usually much less". I made it clear that this was urgent and they said they'll do what they can and reply again when they know more.

9:29am: They got back to me saying everything was OK now and that I should restart the server.  I'll try that, do some testing on it, and if it's OK make it available to the public.

10:20am: Everything looks OK.  I'm putting the site back up.


  1. i can't wait to see LikaShing dicing big again. for rumors about JD be down forever and telling that dooglus have been arrested that is lie. Doge-dice is up and running and dooglus told yesterday in the chat that he was doing some upgrades in JD. So don't trust on rumors do your on research and visit the legit site to get information. Bye

  2. Can someone administrating the server try to take the BTC which are in the Hot Wallet?

  3. ha ha such grammar "Pay us 0.2 BTC or we going to crash your website down"

  4. such anonymus, such fear, wow