Sunday, 13 April 2014

One for Fun and One to Bake

"KLYE's Night out"

Ingredients needed:

1 - Freshly baked KLYE (Baked with Marijuana @ 420 Degrees)
50 - Canadian dollars
2 - Loose morale women (Can exchange one or both for hookers)
1 - Bottle of Absynth or 151 Rum

First take your Freshly baked KLYE and mention a party.
After that he will begin to foam at the mouth, this is normal.
Call over 2 women(or hookers) to keep KLYE "company".
Toss the bottle of Absynth or 151 Rum into the mix. All of it.
Let the hookers and KLYE soak in booze for a few hours.
Check back in an hour or two. KLYE will either be balls deep or passed out.
Throw the $50 at the hookers so they leave. (Alternatively use the $50 for munchies)

Rinse. Repeat.

Serves about 3 or 4. For extra added protection, Throw condoms into the mix.


And now for some real food. No Kyle, hookers and 151 are NOT FOOD!

A little preview of the recipe, but do go and take a look at the photos and method. Sounds amazing.

Ingredients for the dough: 350g plain flour 175g icing sugar 1 pinch salt 200g frozen butter/margarine 1 egg 1 baking powder

Ingredients for the filling: 150g butter 20g soft butter 250g icing sugar 1 sachet of vanilla sugar 1 kg of cottage cheese 125g of whipped cream 2 lemons 4 eggs 2 pack of vanilla pudding powder 1.2 kg of apples 80 g apricot jam

I will have to do a bit of hunting for some of the ingredients and convert some of the measurements, but I can't wait to try this one from Zoltan. Good luck guys!

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  1. Careful with the KLYE recipe put doog to taste it before you. maybe it have some Sparklecoin side effects.

    PS: the sliced apple pie have a very artistic looking.