Saturday, 5 April 2014

Dear Princess....

We are going to have a new feature on the blog. I am sure you've all been waiting for the opportunity to have the Princess (aka Deb) advise you on all of your personal problems. Please just comment on the most recent Dear Princess... post and if appropriate your question will be published and hopefully attended to in a manner which befits the problem. No guarantees, of course, as Princess is not qualified to make diagnosis, prescribe medications, or do much of anything, really. No worries, though, it is bound to be fun!



  1. Dear Princess,
    Silly people keep trying to find pictures of me. They seem to think I'm a weird otter-humanoid female and they're all wrong. How do I break it to them that I'm actually a gay man in San Francisco?

  2. Ha ha being gay there is nothing wrong with that stop trying to make other people accept you and just be happy !!! (*_*) sue ellen <394797>

  3. Deb have a consulting section!. i need to get more problems in my life to ask Deb asap.

  4. Dear Princess,

    Recently, I PULLed a needle from my pack, (DRUGS)
    then STUCK it up my ASS(hole), (ANAL)

    That is all very well and good, but I have started noticing a couple of possible side-effects.

    First off, I began to notice that it was me, SMELLY DOOG(Y), [SWEAT], which I was able to deal with, but recently it has come to my attention that I got some basketball b00b(ies), sing it with me DEB. And that bothers me.

    I know you are a woman of the world, and so I am sure you have plenty of experience with basketball boob, and the treatment thereof.

    Help me Princess, I am begging you.

    Yours, BBTT