Thursday, 10 April 2014

Dear Princess .........

Dear Princess, 
I am writing you in the hopes you may be able to offer me some assistance.
I think I am in love, the same girl has been in my workplace for a few days now and I cannot keep my eyes off her. I don't even think she knows I exist!
She never even looks at me, and never replies when I talk to her. 
I think about her every night and every day but I cannot summon the courage to talk to her, or even get close to her. It's making my job very difficult when I am always thinking about her.
There is one other issue, she seems to smell a little bit which I know is normal but I was wondering if there was any way I could maybe "imply" that she needs to get washed, maybe bring it up sexily and ask to shower together?
Anyway, I know she's going to be gone in a few days so get back to me soon as I don't want to lose my job at the funeral home!

Dear Smells Funky,

I have some advice for you that may be hard to hear. 


As always, it has been my pleasure,


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  1. i read this like 3 times and i agreed with Deb, maybe in the future you can meet few more girls like her at your job in the funeral home. more luck next time