Saturday, 12 April 2014

Arrogant's Tale

Be careful who you trust, even if it's yourself.

Hi, I'm arrogant you may know me from just-dice chat, You may be friendly with me we may have never spoken, hell you may hate me for all I know. Regardless of this, I would just like others to be aware and wiser than myself, by being wise enough to avoid certain doom. I like many others have experienced the glorious highs and the crushing lows of dice as well as gambling in general. 

In the past months I had decided not to gamble in excess as I found it far less then profitable for me, but small amounts here and there were enjoyable and sometimes even profitable, a few days ago I managed to break my personal rules, and lost 1.2 btc of the small reserves I had, I was crushed and could not bare to attempt to recover it myself as my past experience proved this would also be a negative one. 

I reached out to a friend on Just-dice, and because of their previous play and history I asked if they would be willing to take a shot at recovering for me, and I would provide 1.2 btc in attempts to go for 2.4, the user gladly agreed saying "send them over" and even agreed if he couldn't win he would personally send them back to me via bitstamp. Overjoyed of course I asked how much he wanted me to send 1.2 or 2 bitcoins ( my remainder of what I was willing to play with ) He opted for the 2 bitcoins, so i sent them ( ).

I have not heard back from the user since I sent the transaction.... Its more than apparent I made a huge mistake, but in good faith I tried to assume he would return and waited a few days. 

Yesterday arrived and the hopelessness had become overwhelming. I returned to dice in desperation to recover my losses, I lost 1.7 followed by the remaing 6.4 btc I had, leaving me with a bankroll of 0. I broke several rules on this short quest, in the end I gambled with money I could not afford to lose, you should never chase losses, I chased them to 0, And I trusted a complete stranger out of desperation and hope. These are far from wise choices and regret is not a strong enough word. Everything can spiral out of control quite quickly. So again, I warn you, be careful who you trust, even if it's yourself.


  1. Sorry about you Arrogant. Thanks for sharing your story with all the Just-Dice users, i think that is very important to know a little of what kind of mistakes a people can make, because everybody can make a mistake you, me, him or her so watching how bad things can go also can make you think when you feel risk hungry why you should stop. of course is always hard to learn watch others taking damage.

  2. Makes me lol every time

  3. You sent $1000 to a stranger on the internet?

  4. Damn dude... sorry to hear you blasted a big ol' rain all over that scumbag without meaning to do so. Anonymity sucks... But, hey, man... maybe you can earn it back legitimately.I heard Klye got a business venture he's starting up. Maybe he can help you out with a job position in his enterprise.