Thursday, 24 April 2014

Delayed Deposits at Just-Dice

tl;dr: If you deposited to your old deposit address, your coins will show up in your account on Thursday morning, Pacific time.  If you click the deposit button and get a new address, deposits will show up after one confirmation, as usual.

Earlier today I switched to a new hot wallet on both Doge-Dice and Just-Dice.  The old hot wallets were getting too big and slow, and causing lag on the sites.

Everything seemed to go fine. I copied the old hot wallets home so I could continue monitoring them for deposits to old addresses, set up new wallets on the sites, and started transferring the funds over from the old wallets to the new wallets.

After the first few transactions, bitcoin-qt completely locked up on my home machine.  I had to restart it, and had the same problem again.  And again.  Finally I got most of the funds over, but a few were double-spent.  Presumably things got confused when the wallet hung.

Recent versions of bitcoin-qt have a "-zapwallettxes" flag which deletes transactions from the wallet and pulls them back from the blockchain, and so is able to remove conflicted transactions.  I ran that to clean the mess up.

That was over 10 hours ago and it's still slogging its way through the blockchain.  And while it's running I can't do anything else, such as see what address belongs to what user, or who deposited to the old hot wallet.

I had no idea that rescanning the blockchain would be so slow. I guess that's what happens when you're scanning with such a large wallet file loaded. is a log of the progress (all times are UTC).  We're 79.1% of the way through the blockchain and apparently taking about 20 minutes per percent at the moment.  So with 21% to go, and chugging through 3% per hour, that means we have 7 hours to go.

So I'll get some sleep and hopefully in the morning the old hot wallet will be up and running again. Then I'll be able to manually credit people's accounts with the coins they have deposited to their old deposit addresses.

The new hot wallet is working well.  Everyone now has a new deposit address, and deposits to those addresses are going through properly.  The problem is only with deposits made to addresses that were given out previous to the changeover earlier today.

Oh, and since I'm here...  we had a little guessing game in the chat earlier.  I showed them the log of the rescan's progress and asked them to guess when the scan would complete.  The nearest guesser gets a 0.1 BTC prize.  I got the following guesses:

(195241) <cookie monster> 2014-04-23 02:30:00
(1470) <KLYE>             2014-04-24 02:30:00
(584175) <BouvieR>        2014-04-24 02:35:00
(2) <@Deb>                2014-04-24 07:18:00
(134004) <SJ>             2014-04-24 09:30:00
(341039) <Slim>           2014-04-24 09:38:33
(136) <@sqwerty>          2014-04-24 09:51:17
(311245) <duke>           2014-04-24 11:04:00
(1) <@dooglus>            2014-04-24 11:14:56
(611481) <JErk>           2014-04-24 11:25:40
(246648) <Lights>         2014-04-24 11:59:59
(318542) <Optime>         2014-04-24 16:52:32
(675663) <mary elizabeth> 2014-04-26 02:22:22

Then I got in the bath and left it running, and my laptop went to sleep, wasting about 80 minutes of scan time.  So now I've told the laptop it has to stay awake all night, no matter what, and work on getting this done by morning.

Here's the latest progress output from the scan (UTC times):

2014-04-24 07:37:23 Still rescanning. At block 290319. Progress=0.802980
2014-04-24 07:38:23 Still rescanning. At block 290345. Progress=0.803656
2014-04-24 07:39:23 Still rescanning. At block 290371. Progress=0.804309

Update: the rescan had finished by the time I woke up.  All deposits to old deposit addresses have now been credited to the correct accounts.

The rescan finished at 2014-04-24 12:33:57 and so Lights won the game:

2014-04-23 22:03:01 Still rescanning. At block 132849. Progress=0.013333
2014-04-23 22:04:01 Still rescanning. At block 148577. Progress=0.026386
2014-04-23 22:05:01 Still rescanning. At block 169321. Progress=0.040499
2014-04-24 05:04:35 Still rescanning. At block 289407. Progress=0.777308
2014-04-24 05:05:35 Still rescanning. At block 289424. Progress=0.777546
2014-04-24 05:06:38 Still rescanning. At block 289437. Progress=0.778047
[brief laptop snooze]
2014-04-24 06:48:28 Still rescanning. At block 289438. Progress=0.777799
2014-04-24 06:49:29 Still rescanning. At block 289443. Progress=0.777912
2014-04-24 06:50:34 Still rescanning. At block 289460. Progress=0.778349
2014-04-24 12:31:16 Still rescanning. At block 297295. Progress=0.995046
2014-04-24 12:32:17 Still rescanning. At block 297322. Progress=0.995655
2014-04-24 12:33:23 Still rescanning. At block 297347. Progress=0.996296
2014-04-24 12:33:57  rescan             52316097ms

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  1. So, you're going to subtract 80 minutes from the end time to determine the most accurate guess?