Thursday, 10 April 2014

Dear Princess ....

Dear Princess,

Recently, I PULLed a needle from my pack, (DRUGS)
then STUCK it up my ASS(hole), (ANAL)

That is all very well and good, but I have started noticing a couple of possible side-effects.

First off, I began to notice that it was me, SMELLY DOOG(Y), [SWEAT], which I was able I was able to deal with, but recently it has come to my attention that I got some basketball b00b(ies), sing it with me DEB. And that bothers me.

I know you are a woman of the world, and so I am sure you have plenty of experience with basketball boob, and the treatment thereof.

Help me Princess, I am begging you.

Yours, BBTT

Dear Basketball Tit(ies)

Which Medicine Pills Drug Clip Art(s) did you stick up your  ASS(hole), (ANAL)? This is important as each drug would have its own side effects especially when used rectally. 

I would think that if your b00b(ies) have become basketballs, that you are using some sort 

of aBlue Female Gender Symbol Clip Art sex hormone? Am I right in this SMELLY DOOG(Y)?

Please excuse me for a moment while I sing it with you.   
Funny Music Note Clip Art

As a Princess Clip Art of the  Globe 2 Clip Art , I recommend these steps.

1. PULL a   Hypodermic Needle 2 Clip Art  from your Mule Clip Art(hole)

2. STICK it in your Backpack Clip Art

3. Bathtub Clip Art your SMELLY DOOG(Y), [SWEAT] self  

4. Remove the  

Basketball Clip Art


and replace with

If there is anything more the Princess Crown Clip Artcan do to help

please don't hesitate to  Ringing Phone Clip Art


  1. Dear Princess,
    I am writing you in the hopes you may be able to offer me some assistance.
    I think I am in love, the same girl has been in my workplace for a few days now and I cannot keep my eyes off her. I don't even think she knows I exist!
    She never even looks at me, and never replies when I talk to her.
    I think about her every night and every day but I cannot summon the courage to talk to her, or even get close to her. It's making my job very difficult when I am always thinking about her.
    There is one other issue, she seems to smell a little bit which I know is normal but I was wondering if there was any way I could maybe "imply" that she needs to get washed, maybe bring it up sexily and ask to shower together?
    Anyway, I know she's going to be gone in a few days so get back to me soon as I don't want to lose my job at the funeral home!

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