Saturday, 28 December 2013

More About Drawing Contest

Ok, so I am looking for a little feedback around this new contest. Do you all want me to post your submissions on the blog, as I get them? Perhaps to inspire, perhaps to intimidate others into not entering? I will go with the majority on this. Just post your thoughts in a comment, along with your user ID so we don't get a thousand anonymous 'yes' or 'no' votes.

Also, I will give you a few more hints. The cats are 'black and fluffy', 'black and white short haired' and 'orange and white short haired'. The BC is more black than white, and the  other dog is a 16 inch mini-aussie looking thing, black and fluffy with a white spot on her chest.

All of that said, you can feel free to be as creative and artistic with your submissions as you like. The closest to 'reality' will not necessarily be the winner.

Some have mentioned they don't have access to a camera or scanner, and to this I have no real answer, except to beg, borrow or  - no - don't steal anything!

Some have mentioned that they cannot draw - see above image.

The next contest will be no image uploading involved, so all should be able to participate. Sorry to the ones who can't take part this time.

And last but not least, HAVE FUN WITH IT!! :) It's meant to be a good time. I am looking forward to seeing what you all have to show.


  1. Deb i think that you should don't post the people art submitted until the end because you're the one that judge the pic so others people opinion don't should interference with you soul opinion also some user can try to copycat some art that they consider good trying to win so it's important to take the date of submit of a given art. you should make a list of people that submitted a pic to you, like you did with the btc price x-mas contest.

    I think that you should make a gallery on deadline of artwork submission so everybody can see the work and see that the contest is fair and then you take some days to make your decision.

    masterp4 98701

  2. Could you point me the original contest post, I can't find it.


      above the the Poker tourney is the original contest info about the draw contest

    2. Thanks masterp, for some reason the comments weren't showing up for me. Here I thought no one had anything to say! :)

  3. When is the deadline for this contest? Is it already over? D:

    1. Right now this contest doesn't have a deadline yet, Deb still thinking on it so keep checking for time to time. i hope soon Deb will give more information about everything :) peace

    2. Again, thanks masterp,
      Deadline is January 25th. Not too many entries yet, so get yours in!