Friday, 27 December 2013

Poker Anyone? A New Contest You Say?


Hey guys! We are having a poker tournament over at SEALS on New Year's Eve. It will run at 0200 UTC January 1'st. You can get your registration code by emailing sqwerty at

Thanks so much to Freemoney at Seals for hosting us, and to sqwerty at J-D for doing all the leg work to get this thing up and running. If you'd like to tip sqwert,  [1SQWERtB] but sqwert says you should gamble what you would have tipped him on the site! You heard it straight from the horses mouth, dicers, GO GAMBLE!!!

Also, much thanks to doog for fronting the 1 BTC prize! :) There will be 9 places paid, and 108 entries, so it should be a pretty good time! Hoping to see you there.


Now, to the real fun. The new contest is here! :) YAY!!! We love contests!!!

So, for this one, it's pretty simple, really. The requirements are:

DRAW, PAINT, SKETCH or COLOUR a picture (no electronic help please) using PENCIL, CRAYON, ANY TYPE OF PAINT, CHARCOAL, PASTELS, BLOOD, INK, etc. 


Deb and doog in front of their abode, with their 2 dogs and 3 cats. Some of you may recall having heard that one of the dogs is a border collie, so that may help a bit.

The picture which most closely resembles the real Deb and doog and their home and pets 
the picture that Deb finds most amusing, cute, artistic, beautiful, or ridiculous, will be deemed the winner. Deb will be judging this contest, and all rules are subject to change without notice! The end date, prize, and other details will follow in the new year. Good luck, my little Rembrandts! :)

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