Friday, 6 December 2013

From Dusters to Whales!

There are many ways to celebrate the "Holiday" Season. To all my new friends, I hope that your days are filled with peace, and your nights filled with love. Keep your friends, family, and pets close by. Stay safe and warm. Remember to show others the kindness you have all showed me during our short time together. I look forward to many more celebrations with you all. As always, Happy Dicing!

Christmas is time of peace, time to be happy, enjoy how this revolution for liberty
From Dusters to Whales, fight harder in the year to come and cherish what you have got.
$1510 ID (98701) masterp4

Happy Holidays, and best wishes to you and Dooglus and everyone at the Just Dice team!
My guess is $1400.  I am 38886 and I am willphase

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