Monday, 2 December 2013

Dandi's Happy Tale!

Thank you so much to Dandi for this great story!

I started gambling on Just-Dice solely to make back funds I had lost in a Litecoin investment between July and early October. Unfortunately, as my graph shows I got extremely unlucky and lost 55BTC early on in a big 100 coin loss. After swearing to quit gambling, I returned to Just-Dice (merely a week later) and began gambling with a martingale system. I regularly made sure that my bust point was over a 1 in 8,000 chance of hitting. Beginning runs I'd try and get a depth of at least 5 losses with BTC dust (yes, this is a gamblers fallacy), before betting around .4BTC or 1BTC.
I hit incredibly good luck. My several loosing streaks always began with an extremely low bet. The closest I came to loosing was 13 losses in a row. The last bet was 128BTC. God damn was my heart beating fast.
Remember serious gamblers---
1. always QUIT when your emotions are getting in the way.
2. set yourself a bust POINT! DO THE MATH. It seems that a very safe bust point would consider the possibility of 14 losses in a row, or a 1 in 16,384 chance of loosing.
3. never stray from your system.
4. You will loose eventually if you keep martingaling. Be smart.
At the bitcoin ATH my 6 weeks of occasional betting totaled $375,000. These 302BTC are now stored away. I' m not even 21 yet so it's been a blast these past several weeks! I tell myself now that I will never log into Just-Dice and gamble again….. but who am i kidding… we all know the truth…

I used 11BTC when the price was ~$200 per to purchase these amazing google glass shown below. They are fantastic technology that EVERYONE will be wearing by 2015. Here's a pic of them..
Thanks Just-Dice for being there. Dooglus and Deb are so kind, and easy to reach in times of need. The community here is great as well. Looking forward to chatting with you all soon.
Yours truly,

Congratulations Dandi! We are so happy you won!


  1. The picture seems to be broken; at least for me.

  2. yep picture broke,

    nice comeback!!! Hold :>

  3. Thanks Anon, I'll take a look. It may be because I linked rather than copying and the link may be gone.

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