Thursday, 5 December 2013

May Your Wallets be Stuffed with Bitcoins!


In the beauty of the season, In the joy of Christmas Day, May you find a special meaning that brings happiness your way.
$1300  ID (228478)

Thank You Just-Dice for the contest I hope you have a merry Xmas and a prosperous new year.
$1368  User ID: 283933

Merry Christmas, Can't seem to stay away from JD, so I'll most likely be betting with my holiday money! Happy Holidays!
BTC price - $1275   JD ID - 273197

Happy Holidays from mrblack. Thanks for the hours of entertainment!
Guess: $1490    mrblack (240773)

Merry Christmas and may your wallets be stuffed with bitcoins!
My guess: $1850  Catman Dude (261304)

May the season be a a gift greater than bitcoin taking over the central banks.
$2198   user id 215562 

Just would like to wish you and Chris (Dooglus) a very Merry Christmas and Happy holidays. Its been a privilege to be apart of the beginning and seeing the growth of one of the best bitcoin sites out there. Happy Bitcoins!
btc guess price: 1270  UserID: 1400 Cheers, 138bpm

Get ready for my story rant, it's a long one.
My adventure with BTC started about a year ago when I found it browsing the internet doing normal internet addicted people things. I promptly fell in love with it and signed up to bitcointalk, where I frequently looked for faucets that paid what were pittances at the time, now worth good amounts. (Keep in mind the price of Bitcoin was about ~$10 when I started). I would collect it, and not knowing what to do with it, I would play with it on satoshidice and promptly lose it almost every time within about 10 minutes. At this point in time I was mining, and getting about 0.05 BTC every 3 days or so with my CPU. Which would be ridiculous at today's prices. I soon developed a rather unhealthy mild gambling addiction, where I would go for about 3 days and then gamble my pittances over and over until I lost. I got smarter over time, and learned risks and gambled smarter, but in the end, the house always wins. When the price had skyrocketed to $100, I remember hanging out with an early adopter who sent me an entire bitcoin. I was absolutely astounded at the generosity of this random person on the internet I met, who had never met me, and didn't even know my real name. He soon after disappeared, and I've never heard from him since. This was what really got me hooked to the community, but unfortunately, with my current issues at the time I lost the entire coin playing blackjack. I was completely and utterly devastated. At this point I didn't know what to do, so I just kept talking to people, and my gambling addiction payed off, you could say. I managed to turn what at the time was a meager 0.012 into an entire 1.78 BTC. But the problem was, I got there by gambling. This was simply the most money I had before I lost the entire amount again. After spending a night almost in tears, I promised myself I would never gamble again. Of course it wasn't that easy, and after a while of building up wealth again, I managed to lose all I had a third time. I wondered if I would ever learn my lesson. But nonetheless, I stuck with bitcoin and I kept earning money through more stable means like coding. I felt much more rewarded when I saw more coin entering my wallet, and I was a lot happier after that. I still had times where I gambled a little, but never too much, and now, I haven't gambled in over two months. It got a lot harder to do after my parent's learned that I'd made an entire 7.5 BTC sitting in my basement, and after realizing I would have no way to justify losing that much to my parents, I never gambled again. I've also managed to narrowly miss a few incredibly horrible things. I used to keep my coins in, until I decided that I would move them to Just-Dice to invest them, where just a few minutes later, one of the biggest whales, fukkit came in and lost over 1k BTC, leaving me with a nice .1 more than I had a few minutes earlier. Soon after, I got word of the inputs "hack" and was astonished, if I hadn't had moved my coins to JD I would have lost everything I had worked so hard for. It's been a year since I started playing with Bitcoin and i've found myself with more money than I could ever imagine as a kid my age. My advice, never gamble more than you can lose. Even as someone invested in JD, it still hurts every time I see someone lose.In conclusion, have a happy holidays, and I hope that the generosity that I was once shown may also fall upon you. I guess the price will be $1275, my user ID is 55806. 
Good morning, and in case I don't see ya, good afternoon, good evening, and good night!
$1275, my user ID is 55806. 


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