Tuesday, 30 July 2013

Must Read to Receive QotD Prize!

Breaking News:
Starting today you will need to request your prize for quote of the day. This is a tactic I am using in an attempt to force encourage people to read my blog. You may request in person if you see me on the chat, or you may request via email to Deb's email

This morning when I awoke and checked the site's profits, we were up over 2500. An hour or so later, we were closer to 2100. Turns out we'd been "Kellered"! WTG Keller! A nice chunk of change this morning. An hour or so after that something bad happened, and I had to take away the nice chart that was under this post, and put in a newer, and less "Kellered" version! Sorry Keller, for your loss. :(

In chat today:

 I decided that today was going to be "sweet chat quotes" day! Maybe I will try to do so every Tuesday. 

14:27:07 (31681) <Ruru> debs
14:27:17 (31681) <Ruru> i found the solution to stop gambling..
14:27:23 (31681) <Ruru> or at least it worked for me
14:27:24 (31681) <Ruru> lol
14:27:33 (31681) <Ruru> i gave away $2k.

14:28:11 (2) <Deb> you gave away 2k to whom?
14:28:20 (31681) <Ruru> struggling parents
14:28:26 (31681) <Ruru> so they can pay bills

14:28:54 (31681) <Ruru> oddly enough.. their endless thanks, made me stop gambling

Quote of the day:

His first time at the site fouyu had a run of bad luck. 

18:16:35 (2386) <opusdigitus> that was a shitty welcome. if you are not insulted by a small tip, i will send you a few bitcents
18:16:59 (55985) <fouyu> that would be awesome

Congrats opus! And thanks for being such a nice guy! Love having you at the site.

From the forums:

I want to tip my hat to RationalSpeculator on the forums for managing to colour his posts with a positive vibe that has me looking forward to reading them. Keep them coming, RS!

I am including this just to remind people about commission, as it seems to be something that comes up regularly, both on the forums and in chat.


does the 5% commission get applied the moment you divest, or the moment you remove your btc from the site completely?

Moment you divest.

EDIT: Check the invest history, it will show the amount of commission charged.

Yes, it's when you divest, and only if you divest all your principal and some new profit.  So if you invest 100, gain 10 in profit, then divest the original 100 or less, you pay no commission until the weekly run on Sunday.

Definately something fishy with this prize!

17:02:52 (9) <Dopefish> I got 40000001
17:02:58 (57018) <SoggyLettuce> 39999999

Congrats to Dopefish (who somewhat suspiciously suggested the promo Wink) and SoggyLettuce who split the prize.

The evil genius strikes again Smiley

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