Wednesday, 31 July 2013

Are Whales and Goats Really that Different?

43 Days In

I decided that I would add this image to most posts. A bit of background for those who don't know. I was the first invested in the site, and have left mine alone except for a bit of a wobble during celeste's run, and one or two 'test' divests to help doog make sure things were working smoothly. 

Breaking News:


We had a goat in our midst, earlier today! Not quite the same as a whale, but very close. Thanks to 'goat' our profits have reached an all time high!

So, apparently, there is this IPO thing happening today, which has caused quite a few investors to pull some BTC from J-D to buy shares. I sure hope it works out for them! Here are some thoughts from a couple of Dicers.

12:46:09 (2619) <Aahzmundus> Today is BTC-TC IPO whirlwind clustrfuck OMG the sky is falling day... and lots of people are going to be rich, and an equal number will cry.

12:46:26 (9006) <BigBitz> Deb: It's some random 2month old forum accounts offering a cluster fuck of an IPO on an exchange platform that couldn't power a lemonade stand.

In chat today:

Don't concern yourselves if Rann and I are not available to chat for a while, I am working on a nice business deal with him at the moment!

12:36:10 (3481) <Rannasha> When speculating, it is good to go against the general trend...
12:36:11 (3481) <Rannasha> so...
12:36:14 (3481) <Rannasha> buy hi, sell lo
12:36:16 (3481) <Rannasha> right?

Really mechs? Maybe you should seek some help!

13:03:52 (12141) <mechs> Doog: I payed Instanity Dice, I am sorry for cheating on J-D

13:05:16 (12141) <mechs> Doog: Insanity is a truly easy to understand possibly fair game. Does not use all your math babble to prove anything, good old video
13:06:48 (1) <dooglus> I don't know how you can prove that it's the first time you went to though
13:06:58 (12141) <mechs> doog: time stamp?
13:06:59 (1) <dooglus> he can just video over and over until you lose
13:07:13 (12141) <mechs> doog: what a paranoid way to think

Well played andrew, well played.

14:00:05 (47062) <andrew> HAHAHA I AM SO STUPID
14:00:10 (47062) <andrew> i put 49.5 in the wrong spot but still won
14:00:11 (47062) <andrew> 41773530
14:00:12 (47062) <andrew> i just made
14:00:22 (47062) <andrew> 4 btc

Quote of the day:

13:10:07 (2273) <satoshi> Deb:
13:10:14 (2273) <satoshi> if thats what you were looking for

Thanks to satoshi for capturing the goat in his natural habitat. For this, you win QotD!

From the forums:

Some names have been changed to protect the maths challenged!

You heard it here first, folks!

Magic and dragons would also work, just FYI.

Speaking as someone who possesses little aptitude for maths, OUCH!

"[...]while we have a greater than 99% chance of winning, there is that 1% chance of losing[...]."

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