Thursday, 18 July 2013

First post ever!

Breaking News:

Profits today are a bit up, though still well below the expected 1%. Several players won a bit, and a few lost a bit more, which accounts for the slight upswing in profits!

In chat today:

We are apparently large enough to need a J-D spokesman!

21:09:23 (1) <dooglus> Zman: I'm thinking sponsorship deal. you get to wear the JD patch at all the major dicing tournaments

I am uncertain where all these major dicing tournaments are held, but I'm sure if anyone can find them, it'll be the Zman!

And from one of our big winners today!

22:17:02 (32342) <cathlene> holy crap, 21 in a row at 61%, i'll take it

cathlene walks away a winner! Go cathlene!

From the forums:

dooglus is learning things about himself that he never realized.

Watching SDICE's ups and downs as a (mostly) disinterested 3rd party feels entirely different than watching the same ups and downs on a site that I'm responsible for.  It turns out I'm risk adverse.  Who knew!

It's ok doog, just breathe!

deepceleron shares some wisdom with us.

The smart bet is the one you don't make after a series of dumb bets got you up 900BTC.

Words to live by!

And once again, we are scammers!
some very likely Scam sites, and users that are very likely scammers,  Dooglus Just-Dice

Perhaps we should wager on when the next accusation will appear!

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