Friday, 19 July 2013

Whale Returns - Investors Armed with Harpoons!

Breaking News:

Our resident whale played today for a total loss of 1000 BTC. Though we still have a way to go, the investors are happy to see profits heading back to the positive side!

In chat today:

14:08:10 (5884) <Mr. Whammy Gale> you always win the roll AFTER you reset
Damn, I wish someone had told me that a while back!

14:33:11 (4623) <kaiousama> Let this be a note to everybody
14:33:21 (4623) <kaiousama> When you accidentally type how much you want to deposit into your bet size
14:33:28 (4623) <kaiousama> Clear out the text box
14:33:31 (4623) <kaiousama> before you click bet

From the forums:

Thanks to Emily Spaven at CoinDesk for a great article on Just-Dice!