Thursday, 25 July 2013

doog is not a genius!

Breaking News:

Quote of the day will now have a prize attached to it! 

User ID's are being sold through the forum. Here is a chart of projected values based on previous sales. Don't worry about the Deb/Dabs thing, UV. I often answer questions directed at Dabs as I misread the name!

In chat today:

Here are some positive things  people had to say in chat!

08:06:55 (2458) <usagi> Diablo placed the bet that broke 1600: 36980431 
08:07:03 (2458) <usagi> Good show, my man!

09:15:25 (454) <boogi> Are you happy with the way the site is growing doog? It's been cool to watch

And, well, I couldn't help myself!

08:41:39 (13767) <fractal> the forum is also filled with geniuses, like the devs
08:41:44 (13767) <fractal> and dooglus

Found this in Bankers account logs. I'm not sure if it's a graph of his betting or his ECG test!

Quote of the day:

09:01:23 (13833) <MRKLYE> On a side note totally slept with the ex last night

Whoever is chosen for 'quote of the day' will have .01 BTC deposited into their JD account! Congratulations MRKLYE on being our first winner!

From the forums:

What happened? Last time I checked, the website had a -2k profit, and now +1.5k

shockingly "the website" won 3,5k

bob should get a prize for not saying 'duh' in this post!

Right now this is 70+ hours a week for him and Deb another 40+ imo and they need to sleep somethings, and what happens when they are knocking boots and the site goes down, everyone does this.

Are you saying, uv, that every time the doog and I 'knock boots'  we knock the site down? :) I can try for a little less enthusiasm next time.

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