Monday, 18 November 2013

Dafuk is this?

Doesn't this just warm your frozen lil Grinch hearts? Congrats, Dafuk!

Well its a quite simple story really. My whole goal was to turn the $12 worth of bitcoins I had into $400 so that I could buy the Playstation 4. I promised myself that once i got to $400 i would stop (even though it's always hard to stop, haha) but after many risky bets and getting very lucky I managed to get enough to buy a PS4 and a game! All by starting with $12 worth, so it is possible as long as you take risky bets all along the way.


This is the chart Dafuk built:

This is the PS4 Dafuk bought:

Oh yah, and what about the price of BTC, eh??


  1. How to get bet history file "199287.dat" from just-dice?

  2. Email support at and request the file :)

  3. This is the kind of marketing that we need :) Share some more success stories from our players!