Wednesday, 27 November 2013

Prettige Feestdagen!

Merry Christmas. You guys deserve a celebrity couple nickname. 
Wishing DebDoog all the best for 2014.
1BTC = $1,225.13       From - 148194 - daffyshortfuse

Happy baby jesus day everyone!
May your eggnog be strong
Your rolls win repeatedly
This message has been written by KLYE, The most loved JD user.
Prediction for price: ~$1300
<3 Deb

L'chaim JD kin!
The price of bitcoin on christmas day will be: 1700 USD
Account #: 275881

Happy Holidays to all the great folks who are like family at!
Best regards,
I think the price will be at $2032 on Christmas.
Mike AKA (279688) <Donut>


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