Saturday, 30 November 2013

MUST READ --- More Details and Rules and Boring Shit re Contest

So, a little more clarity on the rules.  

If there is more than one entry with the same guess, the first entry received at that guess will win. (Please note that not all entries are posted in chronological order)

I will also be considering guesses within $10 of each other to be the same. For example, if someone guesses $1211.30 and someone else guesses $1203.40 the entry that was received first will be the one that counts.

Here is an updated version of the original rules:

To be eligible you must:

  • Write a "Happy Holiday" message
  • Guess the price of Btc at the beginning of Christmas Day, Midnight UTC Dec 24, 2013 (guesses which are within 10 dollars of a previous guess will be disqualified.)
  • Have an account at Just-Dice

All guesses are final. Prize will be announced soon. (Doog's working on it.) Only guesses made by real people will be eligible. (You may be asked to submit a DNA sample)  Messages must be at least 5 words long and may be subject to editing. Messages do not need to be signed using your deposit address.  Messages that don't meet with Deb's approval will not be included. Account number must be included with your guess and message. Contest closes when Deb is sick of it or midnight December 17 UTC. All guesses are final! BTC price will be in USD as shown on MtGox at Midnight UTC December 24th. Rules are subject to change without notice!

Please email your entries to Deb


  1. Are you going to use the mtgox "last" price or the 24 hour weighted average?

    I don't think anyone really cares too much which one you use, but clarifying it will help avoid a situation where somebody feels cheated because they were closer to one metric but you used the other one.

  2. Happy Holidays to everyone, and good will to all men. ;-)

    MTGox - $ 1349 Last price. Name is Matthew on Just-Dice!

    Good luck everyone and have fun!