Thursday, 3 October 2013

Welcome drfred!

Hello Dicers!

I was hoping to be able to include a story about mechs' amazing btc loss and recovery, but with bitcointalk down I can't access the screenshots that I'd like to include. If any of you have images that I could use, please email them to drfred (his address is at the end of his post) and we will try to get that story up soon.
Will the real drfred please stand up!

Some words from drfred. (He's the one on the left!)
Dear fellow earthlings, gamblers, investors & whale watchers, 
As Deb already mentioned, I'm going to support her with the JD blog from now on. Some of you may know me already from the JD trollbox as (710) <drfred>.  
While chatting, Deb and I came up with the idea to let people share their just-Dice stories and experiences. We both felt while hanging around in the trollbox, that there are often a bunch of very interesting people gathered.  
After just a few months of being up and running we've seen really lucky winners, devastating losses and of course the ongoing visits of JD's own Moby Dick aka nakowa. I don't think you could script a story any better than that.  
My own story is not that awesome compared to others, but might reflect the usual way of getting involved with JD. 
After stumbling across the thread on bitctointalk, I began trying out gambling here with a few satoshi and some nice wins made me risk more. At some point I got burned pretty badly and was down 30 BTC. I recovered from that loss after a month and am up now, which made me ask dooglus to lock my account from gambling. I will focus on investing from now on, which is thrilling enough, especially if you watch a whale play like berathea(nakowa) was doing recently. Getting sea sick has become a common investor's illness. 
So, while I don't have as entertaining a story as some, I'm glad to announce that we have two more stories to publish on the blog this week. I've made a list of others who I will ask to share their story.  
If you feel like you have a story to share,other feedback, or even just a brief bio introducing yourself, please contact me in the trollbox or drop me a line at 
I hope you guys enjoy the new stuff coming up – stay tuned!   

Thanks so much drfred for your time and great words. As promised, we have a couple of users' stories to include in the next couple of posts, and will try hard to get the mechs story out before it becomes old news! 

Take care, and happy dicing!


  1. :-O maybe mechs story is over and ready to be written:



  3. As far as i understood it, doog is putting a bigger hdd into the server. He said it'll take about an hour, but that was like 3 hours ago.

  4. Still nothing. Update?

  5. hey guys,
    site is down for me too :(
    I'll talk to deb as soon as she comes online, about using the blog to inform people about such happenings.
    hope to see you guys at the trollbox again pretty soon!