Monday, 21 October 2013

What Not to Do - AKA FAIL!

One of our recent losers asked to be included in the blog, perhaps to go down in Just-News history!   

Here is btcfail doing his thing. (BTW fail, perhaps a different name next time?)

   11:10:26 (187182) <btcfail> write about losers 
   11:10:56 (187182) <btcfail> i wana be famous                                                                 
   11:11:07 (187182) <btcfail> at least something to come out of this 

The lesson here boys and girls, is what NOT to do when you find yourself way up!

       wagered: 5952.25380984
bets: 11877
profit: -12.42536604
losses: 5001
wins: 6876