Saturday, 12 October 2013

KLYE'S Saga and more...

New On the Site:

You can now filter bets that you want to see on chat by size and user id. Check out the new options on the 'Accounts' tab. Bets will also show up coloured in chat, winning 'green' and losing 'red'. This change has been very well received, thanks doog!

We have some new 'words of warning' that will show up when you make a new account, and when you click the 'deposit' button. Please heed these words, as we are trying to ensure the continuation of the site and protect users.

Check this out. User fsh created this, please consider tipping him for entertaining us!  Hitler at J-D

A J-D user created a video ad for us, and I will both link to it from here and write a bit about it when it is all ready to go.

Check out the new Charts , thanks to user tiCeR for these!

Thank you to all who are creative and offer such cool stuff!

We are trying to clean up the chat a bit, with a heavier hand as far as 'begging' is concerned. You may be banned with no warning if you post soliciting btc addresses in chat. There will soon be an option to 'tip' other users within the site itself, so posting addresses will no longer being needed for this. 

We are attempting to encourage 'cheering' for players, win or lose. Some of us are investors, some are gamblers, but we can all be positive and supportive in our language! As the old rule goes, if you don't have anything nice to say, SHUT THE FUCK UP! :) Please! 

Last request, please don't advertise competing sites on the chat. We want to enjoy chat, and I certainly don't want people to feel inhibited. That said, some of this gets out of hand quickly, and if chat isn't fun for me then "NO SOUP FOR YOU!" (seinfeld reference, doog!)

I will  post some of the less appropriate comments, as well as the most appropriate, on the blog. You can guess which will be eligible for a small reward!

Coming Soon - The Rise and Fall of Mechs!

As you may have heard, we are going to try sharing stories, gambling strategies, and anything else people want to offer up for mass consumption.  Feel free to post your positive comments to the authors we are showcasing. This weeks offering is from well known dicer, KLYE.

Chronicles of KLYE Part 1:
Hello everyone, My name is Kyle Turnbull. But I'm better known as KLYE in the circle. 
I live in a small city in Manitoba, Canada.. Currently employed at a local Flax/Hemp crushing plant on graveyard shifts. 
Self proclaimed unofficial moderator of the troll chat, and try and help new users on the site as much as I can. 
Been on the site since the third day it was launched and have spent countless days and nights there. 
Normally I'd spend 10+ hours a day on the site (sometimes more) due to being un-employed at the time. 
Both Deb and doog have treated me pretty much like family since day 1 (erm 3) and are amazing people. 
I found a great amount of good people there.. Lots of very kind individuals.. and a few arseholes for sure too. 
My first big betting extravaganza I had managed to take 0.77 BTC and turn it into a little over 5 BTC. 
The strategy I had used to win was betting on the 44% odds. and starting with a 0.001 bet. Doubling up on loss. (martingale) 
No more amazing feeling in the world then being able to "Make it rain" on less fortunate players. A term I coined for giving out small amounts of BTC when I was winning in order to give other players with small or no bankroll a chance to play and *hopefully* win. No greater feeling in the world in my opinion then being able to help out the less fortunate.
But as we all know.. Luck doesn't last forever. With the wins and feeling untouchable I ended up getting getting greedy on my bets. 
This eventually lead up to my first (and most substantial loss), I was gambling with 1 BTC bankroll. Got greedy. Lost it. 
Me being the gambler I am didn't take this loss well, and decided to put in another 2 BTC to recover the 1BTC I had just lost.
And wouldn't you know it, The rolls went south. Ended up losing those 2 BTC that I was using to recover the 1 I had just lost. 
Now at this point in time. I had purchased 1 BTC of my own, and also been given 1 BTC by JD user "Banker" (which I paid  back with a buttcoin). So at this point in time I went "All in" and deposited my remaining 3 BTC. Surely I would win my BTC back! Right?!
The rolls went sour again. I ended up with a -2 BTC profit. At this point being unemployed with no fiat currency left and having lost my small fortune I was devastated  I'm not going to lie, I honestly thought about doing myself in. If you don't know by know I am Bipolar, and that huge loss almost put me over the edge. 
Thank god for my friends in the JD chat for talking me down. Had no one tried to console me I probably would have done it. 
The month or so before that I had lost my house, had my girlfriend leave me for my "best friend", been raided by police because of a room-mates drug dealings and lost my job.
 Adding the +5 BTC win and then horrible horrible -2 BTC gambles just about killed me. And probably would have had the regulars in the chat not been able to talk me off the ledge.. Not going to mention any names here of the saints who saved me. But I think you know who you are. I am forever grateful.
I guess this concludes part one of the chronicles of KLYE. 
Stay tuned to the blog for Part 2! Where I will touch on the topics of my venture into shares and stocks. and also the minting of SPARKLECOIN. 
Stay safe guys and good luck, 
KLYE   ( 1HoBo5qLXmBidQmtio1LZtAmKonvswaJ3r   tips appreciated)

Email drfred or myself with stories and ideas for the blog! If you screenshot or make note of big losses and wins, whale watching events, or interesting chat bits please email those as well and we will try to keep people more up to date on happenings via the blog!   drfredDeb

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