Saturday, 3 May 2014

A Tale of Success -- For Now

The Epic of Penny vs. Just-Dice

On the 14th of April, not long after the sun had made its descent, with the Baron Dooglus and Baroness Deb having departed from their kingdom, Commander Penny (176670) led a daring surprise attack on Fortress Just-Dice.  Backed by a militia numbering just 25 soldiers (BTC), hastily recruited from the land of Coinbase and representing nearly half of his total forces held in reserve (i.e. savings account), Penny laid siege to the walls of JD.

The objective was simple: retrieve the 3 fair maidens (BTC), once betrothed to Penny, but who were now being held hostage by JD's villainous lords and ladies (Investors). Over the course of two hours, Penny's forces launched a barrage of fire(bets), hurling thousands projectiles at JD's defenses.  Behind JD's sturdy defense towers stood an army numbering approximately 32,000 (BTC).  Nevertheless, in the heat of the battle, several risky forays were made until JD's main keep was breached.  That evening, the gods bestowed their favors on Penny.  With Dooglus absent and his rumored "death ray" out of commission, Penny's incursion allowed his troops to retrieve his 3 lost ladies (BTC).  He even managed to take almost one (0.9 BTC) of JD's own captive.  Consider it the spoils of war!

Despite the continued momentum of the attack and similar operations carried out by other commanders (gamblers) at the time, Penny, his rescue mission having met with success, chose not to press his advantage and instead withdrew his forces from the battlefield as stealthily as they had arrived.  His meager army was immediately disbanded and returned to civilian life.

Yet he wonders.  What could have been had he pressed onward?  Dare he tempt fate?  What price for victory?

And we ask in turn: Is this the last we have seen of Commander Penny?  Will he ever again take up the sword against JD?

~Penny the Bard~

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