Thursday, 1 May 2014

A Favour for Mikey

Fellow Bitcoin Community,

 I would first like to thank everyone I have met so far, You guys have been great friends, and have always brought me good times. 

As many of you know my father has been ill.It has came time to start making arrangements since his recent hospitalizations. He has end-stage COPD, along with hurshprungs disease and has been on level 6 oxygen for some time now.I thought about writing this last month when we noticed him getting worse, but couldn't find time nor the nerve. 

I don't want anyone to think I am here begging for anything, but i am asking for any help if possible. I know this isn't the right place, but I don't really know anywhere else to turn. I was doing tattoos 4 btc, which went great several months back. 

I attempted to do it again just for this reason, but interest was gone, mainly, because just-dice player, "LiKaShing" was my main source of doing the tattoos for. So, alot of you know who I am, Know what kind of person I am, (although, I do have a few people that I guess got jealous of the btc4tat thing) So i can accept any donation via paypal and bitcoin.

I will list both options below. I am willing to do a nice big tattoo for it as well, just so some people don't think im just asking for free money for anything. If that interests you, feel free to contact me, I'd be willing to ask dooglus to escrow if someone chooses a tattoo. 

Well thank you all for reading this, and Bless everyone, even the people that will have a negative response.I'm doing to to help cover funeral costs and anything else that is going to occur.

BTC Wallet Address for this is : 1aGwkPRWtBpiN2hcBgqBkw9Nh9GMgFGtP
Paypal Email for this is :

Anything and everything will be much appreciated. Thank You.

Mike Cox aka WillTat4btc

PS: If your not interested in donation or a tattoo 4 btc, please tell a friend.

Thank You.

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