Wednesday, 23 October 2013

Using 2fa With No Phone

Though we don't recommend that you keep your second factor on the same device as your first, for people who don't have access to a phone that allows them to use 2fa, here is a way to do it without. It seems that having it set up at all will sometimes save a loss!

Thanks to Vani for this!

  1. Using 2FA (Two Factor Authentication) protection (for example on Just-Dice) if you have not a Smartphone (or prefer to use it on Windows instead of your Smartphone).
  3. -You can test this first on a test account on JD to make sure you do everything right.
  5. -Download WinAuth:
  7. You can also use the Mos authenticator - same principal, with a bit easier interface, so maybe you prefer that.
  9. It works almost the same as the WinAuth, so I will explain how to use it on WinAuth and then you can decide which of the two you like to use.
  11. WinAuth:
  13. Choose the zip file to download (not the source one).
  15. Extract the zip file on your computer and open the Winauth.
  17. Go to your account settings on Just-Dice and where you see Google authentication press on the button EDIT.
  19. You will see the smartphone picture and the code (which is the same code - but the picture is made for Smartphones).
  21. First thing you do is copy this code to a txt file and store it! This is very(!) important because if you ever use it on another computer you need this code to import it on Winauth! Optional you can make a screenshot of the Smartphone picture to use it later if you are going to use a Smartphone. Store the screenshot as well!
  23. Go now to Winauth - press on add and then on Google.
  25. Fill in at (1) the code you just stored on your txt file (the one JD gave you) which you also see on your account page (which is still open on your browser).
  27. Press on Winauth verify authentication.
  29. You will see a code now. The code will change every 20 second or so. You must fill in that code on the JD account where JD is asking for that code.
  31. If you did this right you have now the 2FA on your JD account.
  33. Make sure that at least login is checked (on the JD site where you edit the authenticate). You can also (if you want to be extra sure or feel better) check the withdraw, divest and play.
  35. Every time you logout you can do this with the button 'logout' at the account tab. It is more secure imo then closing your browser.
  37. To login start Winauth and open JD.
  39. Fill in your username and pw and press on the blue arrow at WinAuth to create the code (if the browser does not ask you for a login and opens automatic a new account - you need to go to the tab 'account' and then choose 'login as an other user' to login. There you fill in you user name and pw and your WinAuth code.
  41. My advice: if a website offers you the 2-Factor security - and the website is important for you and/or you have money on it - use it.
  43. With regards,
  44. Vani


  1. If you have a phone which supports J2ME, you may download this Google Authenticator:


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