Tuesday, 20 August 2013

A Day in the Life of Klye

Breaking News:

See everyone, easy peasy!

"The reality is that all it takes is some web programming skills and an understanding of bitcoin to be able to set up a BTC-denominated gambling site."

In chat today:

Truer words may never have been spoken on J-D chat.
 22:53:21 (31681) <Ruru> in all the infinite universes, i could not find a thread where kyle won 500 btc

Really opus, you say this like it is a good thing? 
13:12:42 (2386) <opusdigitus> if we get to 5400, i am going to go outside and shoot my AK47s in the sky
13:13:20 (2386) <opusdigitus> this is murika deb. i can shoot my gun anywhere i want!

Maybe you want to have your clones checked for diseases before you visit, hex.
13:39:33 (42031) <hex> ever since I visited that asian shit clone of this my CSS has been fucked up

Well then...
19:50:16 (11) <Banker> do not act like you have not licked an asshole

This is classic, but I think well said. Replace fondle with tickle, for a more current feel.
And yet another 'fondling' goes unreported
00:38:01 (31681) <Ruru> there was this guy
00:38:04 (31681) <Ruru> with a crazy sequence
00:38:13 (31681) <Ruru> 1,3,7,15,32,65,130
00:38:18 (31681) <Ruru> crazy shit
00:38:24 (34490) <Cheeseheaven> oh i seen that before
00:38:30 (31681) <Ruru> eleuthria's gamble
00:38:34 (31681) <Ruru> he fondled the site for 300 btc
00:38:36 (31681) <Ruru> then lost it all
00:38:53 (31681) <Ruru> he lost about 1000+ btc or something

Quote of the day:

Klye said this, earlier today:
13:19:57 (1470) <KLYE> Seems I didn't stick my balls hard enough into the fan

Hours later and somewhat busted he said this:
20:26:34 (1470) <KLYE> Hope my tears taste good Ruru
Apparently 'balls hard into the fan' hurts!

From the forums:


Told you guys to beware of them. China guys copies everything 
They did the back end and much of them are buggy (I've bumped into a GAuth bug during some testing). And they have 10 Customer Service manager
And they all sucks. doog and Deb are more friendly and efficient 

Enough said.

Finally someone has discovered the power of J-D

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