Tuesday, 1 November 2016

Contest Winners!

Boy this was tough! Though we didn't get overrun with entries there were a few that I had a really hard time placing.

I decided to go with the two that were most creative as far as people dressing up themselves, and creating awesome 'proof' to go along with it. Placing 1st and 2nd was really tough though so instead of doing one large top prize I decided to give both 1st and 2nd the same clam amount. There really wasn't a strong 'number 1' so you can both be sure that yours were great!

The following 3 prizes are going to be split between the 3 entries that were of someone other than the JD user themselves. Of course there is no way for me to know for sure that the top 2 were of the actual players, but I do know that the other 3 were not. Again, it was tough to choose!

So, in no particular order sharing first prize is:




Each will receive 35 clams!

Next we have

http://i.imgur.com/FdBQSKp.jpg   Feel free to give Arro a hard time as he knows I love his babies and this is quite a lot like cheating!   15 clam prize

Sharing 15 clams is




Thank you again for all who entered and for those who shall remain nameless who pressured me into running a silly Halloween contest! I will try to get another organized for winter sometime! Enjoy!!


  1. Wow I got a prize. Thanks Deb and JD :)

    1. You are welcome! Loved the costume and proof! :) Remember to watch for future contests.