Monday, 24 October 2016

A Little Trick or Treat

Apparently it's contest time again!!

This time we will be holding a costume contest! You will have the chance to win an amazing clam price (yet to be determined) if you are deemed worthy. There will be at least 3 prizes.

As with all contests that I run, my decision will be considered final.

So, details. You must present a photo of yourself in your costume and the photo must include you holding a drawing or sculpture or carving or paper mache (or just about anything home made) that has on it a clam, a JD, and your user name or user id on the site. 

Please be creative! Both the costume and the 'proof' will be judged.

Enjoy! Check back for updated rules, etc. as things may change some before the big day.

All entries must be submitted before midnight UTC on October 31, 2016 and prizes will be awarded after that. Please submit entries by commenting on this post with an imgur link to your costume photo.

Thanks to those who have donated toward prizes and to kyle for his contribution both in clam and in talent. Special thanks to V1 who donated a bunch of clam and who sponsored the art by kyle. Feel free to find me in chat with questions - or post in the comments.



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  3. Entry deadline has changed for those on the West Coast etc. There will be a 12 hour extension for getting your entries in! :) Good luck!!

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