Monday, 20 June 2016

It's a party!! Another year!

Today is the anniversary of Just-Dice as a Dice site. The seed started germinating and became what we have today as a site and community. 

It has been 3 years for Just-dice and many things have happened; good days, great days, glory days, gray days and even dark days. 

The most important thing that has never changed is the fact that the site runs transparently and gives an equal treatment to every user; gamblers, investors, hybrids or those that hasn't chosen a team yet.

 Lots of memories come to my mind when this time of the year is coming. Now that Just-Dice is a Clam site our Anniversary has moved to December but is always good to remember when everything started.

Thank you to you all to keep this awesome site.

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  1. Happy Birthday JD! Hard to believe I've been frequenting the site for 3 years now! Here's to the future!

    Much love to dooglus and Deb.

    <3 KLYE

  2. :) happy best day jd..from justkok

  3. Happy Birthday JD, you make my life color full

  4. Happy birthday just-dice, from everyones favorite mod -UnicornMeth

  5. Heeeeell yeah, just-dice is and will always be the best dice site.

  6. Happy birthday, JD, and here's to many more. -WRXodus

  7. mmmmmmmeeeeeoooooowwwwww! purr purr purr purr