Friday, 4 December 2015

An entire year with CLAM!

Thank you so much to masterp4 for remembering our 1 year CLAMmiversary, and for writing a nice piece for us to share on your behalf. 

The Just-Dice Clam 1st Anniversary is here, a whole year has passed since the grand reopening of Just-Dice with Clam. People's awareness and interest in this crypto currency has increased dramatically after that and Just-Dice has continue to provide a trusted service for all the users. During this time we have met new friends from Clam including the dev team also some Doge users that embraced Clams and the return of many old BTC friends that got interested to play and invest in the site.

During this time we have seen a beginning with a small market getting more consolidated and more stable, making the price to go up and also the interest of new people to get in the market, due the nature of the distribution method. The economy got a huge surge when a new player came in that caused some people to panic due the fear of this been bigger that what it was, anyways that seems to be over for now and made the community join ideas to try to manage this from happening again in the future. It doesn't matter how the past has been, let's hope the future will be the best.

The site has reached many milestones during this whole year, achieving a few days ago the 1,000,000,000 bets. Over one billion bets have been made so far and to celebrate it a community driven contest was done to give a prize to the five places closest to the milestone that did a non dust bet on any percentage and any bet result with more than 500 Clams in prizes.

Thanks to all the Just-Dice users they are the pillars that support this amazing community that works to make Just-Dice what it is today. Your support during this whole time has made Clam able to endure and grow more strong.

Until the next celebration, We hope to celebrate this again with you all.

doog and I would like to add our appreciation and thanks to all our mods, players and investors. You are what makes the site the best clam dice site ever! 


  1. it's has the timestamp of December 4 but it was, December 5 we miss by less than five minutes to post it on the right date, but better before than after.

  2. nice job masterp4 buddy :-D