Monday, 22 June 2015

Thanks to MasterP

After a long time without posting something not related to the investment weekly stats, here is something that many of us forgot to remember probably because we were most focus on the the 400k millions bet milestone or playing a little, yes a little ;) of just-agar.
We are celebrating the 2nd Birthday of Just-Dice, a day like yesterday June 20 2013 this site started to run. Thanks to all of you that have been part of this community and has made the site a good place to place your bets or invest in a fun and family like manner.
This celebration will run along side with the 400k millions bet, that will be expected to be reached in like 1 or 2 days if the bets keep this pace.

For those that doesn't know how the milestone bet prize work:

Rules: To qualify, you must wager a minimum of 0.04 CLAM. The winners will be decided using this methodology: 400-Millionth, 400-Millionth+1, 400-Millionth-1, 400-Millionth+2, 400-Millionth-2, and so forth.

At the time that i wrote this post the prize goes like this:
Payout: Player 1: 39.60572416 CLAM, Player 2: 19.80286208 CLAM, Player 3: 6.60095403 CLAM
The prizes will be increasing since more people will donate to the pool, the pool grows thanks to the community, also dooglus probably will put some on the pool too ;)
For more updated information about the JD Milestone, prizes, rules, donators list, and how to donate, just type (/msg 23 info).
Thank you again for been part of Just-Dice, until the next birthday, the JD Clam birthday.

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